Careless Love

Monday, October 10, 2011

October 8th 2011 - year 1 down! That was fast!

Your mom and I just celebrated our first year of being married. What an incredible year it has been. Filled with so many different memories and trials, some really great times and some times of learning what to do and not do.

I've learned so much over the past 12 months. I've learned what true unconditional love is. I've learned what consistency is, and why its so important. I've learned order rather than chaos. I've learned how to compromise, rather than pushing to get my own way. I've learned how to throw away my agenda for the good of both of us. I've learned how to love CARELESSLY.

You see, for so long I felt like love was something I had to study. I felt like love was something that you only really understood when you got older (by now you are probably reading this saying "you are older"). What I'm finding out is that love is not meant to be studied more then its meant to be felt. If you give love too much attention, you tend to over think it, overreact, and destroy something that is so pure and true. Loving carelessly isn't being irresponsible, and isn't giving up either. It's realizing that TRUE LOVE is such a uniting force that it doesn't take work, studying or trying.

Moral to this story is:

 When I met your mom, we found out very quickly that our friendship/relationship/marriage didn't take work. It grew naturally; it wasn't something studied and thought about for a long period of time. It was just RIGHT. And thats my prayer for you. That you love carelessly. That you find that one person that fits/thats right and you spend the rest of your life having fun and taking chances.

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