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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A creative genius died today. His name was Steve Jobs. He was the co-founder of a computer called Macintosh (Mac/Apple). I'm sure you know what they are.

The big deal for your mom and I, was the iPhone. I can still remember when I got my first one. I was living with your uncle Mickey and your uncle Andy in an incredible condo over on Hilltop. I spent practically all my money on the phone but I was the first one out of the group to get one (which made me awesome, of course).

Your mom, on the other hand... she had a Blackberry. They were horrible and she knew it. Her pride wouldn't let her admit that she wanted an iPhone. Well good news, kids: I bought her her first iPhone on her 26th birthday, and she hasn't looked back since.

You see Apple was always behind PC Windows. But starting in about 2002 they started gaining ground and eventually surpassing Windows (your uncle Mickey and I fought about this often but he knew it was true). Mac was a common household computer at this point. iPad/iPods/IPhones/iTvs Apple were engrained in our everyday life.

That was the vision that Steve Jobs had from the beginning.

The moral to this story is: Your dreams at times may seem unachievable and you may feel like you are dragging behind the competition but with perseverance/persistence and that ever nagging dream you can far surpass your competition. Dream big, kids, because one day you may see your product as just engrained into the fabric of everyday life.


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