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Monday, October 3, 2011

Over the past few days your MOM has been trying to get sick, which never makes things fun.

Social media is such a huge thing right now. Between Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Blogger it's getting so huge and happening so fast that companies can't keep up. Hopefully by the time you are reading this we'll be on vacation in Fiji or something, because of all the time your mom is putting in now with work!

Today, Monday Oct, 3rd 2011 we found our car completely ransacked. Stuff everywhere. But, as far as we can tell they only took an iPod... one in which doesn't work (hahaha LOSERS). We thought we might have found a clue to who did it because the perp left a wallet behind with a pay stub in it. Come to find out, it was someone else who had their car broken into. Oh well!!!

Tomorrow we are giving Mom's car back, but it's ok. It was just a Chevy Cobalt and we were paying way too much for it anyway.

Remember this: God never takes away that which he won't return bigger and better. We may lose a car now but the blessing is on it's way. We may give a lot of time to one thing for a season, but reap the benefits from our sacrificed time.

I prayed for God's perfect will for you today.

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