Tea Me!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Currently, I am drinking a Trente (YEP, a size bigger than VENTI) iced black tea with three raw sugars. I like the little crunch of the sugar crystals; is that weird? It doesn't even really sweeten the tea.

I look forward to eating out now, just so I can order an iced tea. I'm thankful for something other than water, since I've pretty much given up coffee (only on occasion now, as a treat; AKA when Paul is home on Fridays to make it when he wakes up), and I haven't touched pop in over two months. I KNOW. No Diet Coke for CORIANNE? Unheard of.

And I drink Iced Teas so fast. Waitresses are so annoyed with me. By the time  they bring me a refill, they run off to grab something for someone else and when they come back, I'm already done with the glass. They should just bring me a pitcher. I should warn them of that when we're seated.

ALSO, have you voted on whether Baby Burton is going to be a boy or a girl? :) On the blog home, top of the left hand column. So far, boy is winning... I don't any sort of an intuition either way. Yet.

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  1. SO smart to have a baby blog C - you will love looking back and remembering all these little things that being preggo does to you - Love ya~! (And I secretly want it to be a girl so Zane has a friend/but also think Zane Burton sounds cool, so either way I am cool)