Second Trimester

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

is heavenly.

I'm not tired. I'm not cranky. I'm not sore. I'm not anxious and tearful. I'm not nauseated 24/7. I'm not feeling like I'm having a complete out-of-body experience anymore. I'm actually motivated; Paul and I are passionately trying to plan a couple quick getaways this summer. I need sun, heat. Vegas is calling my name.

Iced tea still hits the spot, but I am abnormally thirsty... all the time. I go through bottles and bottles of water. So much that I can't even count. And my prenatal vitamins don't even make me sick anymore. However, I do take them religiously before bed, so I'm sure that helps!

I thought I felt the baby last night, but I think 14 weeks is too early. I felt a weird little flutter on the left side of my stomach, but it was probably just my body digesting the handful of Sour Patch Kid I fed it at 10pm (don't judge me, I've been eating more salads than I have in my entire life these past couple of months).

My next appointment is July 9th. I'll be 17 weeks pregnant, and newly 28 years old.


  1. it could have been baby! i felt stella at 14 weeks on the outside! then again she was #3 and you know what you are feeling, but totally possible :)

  2. I know you really felt the baby kick :)