17 Weeks: Gender Reveal, Appointment Anxiety & Feeling Like Myself!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Had a Baby Burton appointment yesterday! I was so happy to see the baby and hear/see the heart beat. I haven't felt movement yet, so I've been stressing myself out. Is everything ok? How would I know if it wasn't? Intuition? What if I don't have that yet? The questions are endless.

After each appointment, I'm good for about two, two and a half, weeks and then the anxiety comes back again and I'm left counting down the hours until my next visit. I don't think an ultrasound is normal on every checkup, but my sister told me she was a pain and asked for one every time and they are happy to do it... so now I shall be a pain and do it, too.

We couldn't see the face this time, because BB was turned around and moving like crazy. But, we saw the spine/ribs, feet, toes/fingers, stomach, placenta (ew) and shin bone :) So cool to see the skeletal makeup of our little one. All I could think when the doc pointed to the mini-railroad track: "Yay! It has a spine!" :)

I love our doctor and all the nurses/ARNPs. They are so sweet and helpful! Although, I did clarify that the office calls me no matter what when they do blood work or take tests; even just to let me know everything is ok. I am not used to that; I've only ever heard "no news is good news", so when the doc called to let me know that my labs looked great, I almost cried. I told them to go ahead and leave a detailed message if I don't answer, because the cryptic voicemail and the hold time that ensues on my call back is enough to drive a pregnant person mad.

Our next appointment will be in a couple weeks; it's THE anatomy scan. Boy or girl. I am SO excited... we can finally focus on one set of names, one design idea, one gender-specific toy/clothing overload. I am trying not to think about it too much, because I don't want to get my heart set on one sex and be disappointed or scared when I find out. I'm feeling really lucky that I don't have a strong preference. I just want health. Just give me health, God. That's my only prayer! :)

I do have a plan for the Gender Reveal Party we're going to do after we find out. Once we nail down a date for the anatomy scan, I can get to finalizing and planning. I asked my friend Lindsay to help with the crafting of the reveal "tool". It's going to be a surprise to Paul and I, too. We're going to have our technician write down the sex and seal it in an envelope, and then I'm going to deliver to Lindsay to prepare our gender-specific craft. So, Lindsay gets to be the only one that knows the sex before the rest of us find out. She's pretty excited, and I'm excited to have her help! She is the crafting QUEEN. In fact, the blog on her daughter Zane's first birthday party will be up later this morning so you all can see the beautiful job she did just went up! Go take a look. I cannot wait to have her help with Baby Burton's reveal. Love my friends so very much!

As for how I'm feeling: completely and totally normal. I don't even feel pregnant, besides the fact that my stomach is definitely beginning to show. I just feel like I've slacked off on clean eating. :) I'm not nauseous, I'm not tired, I'm not achey. It's wonderful. I'm hoping this holds out for a very long time! Even the intensity and frequency of my dreams have subsided pretty substantially, and that a relief in and of itself.

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  1. I swear sometimes I feel like your blog is inside my head. Everything your feeling and describing is normal and I think we all go through this! Cant wait to find out what your little Burton will be (Im on team girl) :)