20 Week Check in

Monday, July 30, 2012

Over on my other blogging ventures, we have this thing that we call a "Check In". I thought it would be fun to do this weekly, maybe every Monday, and alter a couple of the categories for a pregnancy edition! This will be a fun way to keep track of baby movements, cravings, appointments, milestones, etc.

Obsessing Over:
 Our Friday ultrasound! It's the big one, where they can probably tell us if Baby Burton is a boy or a girl. The anxiety is killing me.

Working On: Finding some good boy names. I have a few solid girl options, but boys are harder to come by, it seems. At least to me. And to make it worse, we only have a few days left before we know which direction to focus our efforts on, so it's just weighing on my mind like crazy.

Thinking About: calling to confirm my appointment time. I don't remember, and for some reason, I didn't write it down or put it in my calendar.

Anticipating: THE REVEAL.

Listening To: The Olympics, on the TV in my living room :) 

Feeling: Baby Burton! I feel little butterflies or teeny, tiny jabs all the time now. I am 89% sure that it's the baby, and not just weird stomach bubbles. You know when you get that irritating little heartbeat in your eyebrow or eyelid? That fluttering feeling? That's totally what it feels like, at random locations around my belly. So weird! Our bodies are just amazing.

Craving: WATER, pickles, and... wait for it... Emergen-C. It's delicious and fizzy like pop, but gives my immune system a good boost. I'm actually excited to be taking it daily, to try to fend off any looming head-cold that might be hanging around, waiting to pounce. I don't have time for that.

Wishing: It was Friday.

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