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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dreamt last night that I was heavily pregnant, but my stomach was more of a kangaroo pouch. I could look in and see the baby sleeping in there. And he/she had a full head of dark hair.

Let me just say: kangaroo pouch. Ha! I wish. But I remember in my dream being annoyed that I still had to push my baby out; we couldn't just lift it out of the kangaroo porch, apparently. Stupid rules.

Also in my dream, I still didn't know the sex of my baby, even though I could look in and see it. Don't we usually get some sort of hint in our dreams? Super lame. I kept feeling the baby pushing on my stomach, so I would show everyone the handprint on my belly. Super creepy... and kind of awesome.

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  1. I had a dream that my baby was going to be a girl and she was in a fish tank but as I walked towards her I realized that I didn't know it was a girl because the baby was really a Mer-Man and you couldn't tell the gender with a merman tail in the way. So much for intuition there! ;)