Thursday, July 5, 2012

There is so much energy and electricity in the creation of life and its never more tangible than in the final moments before mother and child are forever made as two separate beings.

- Melissa, Under A Full Moon: The Birthing of Arlo Redding

Sitting here in tears (the good kind), reading the birthing stories of one of the amazing bloggers I follow. And when I mention tears, they're not like the fearful "I don't know if I can do this" cry of many, many times before... but a crazy, amazing, "I can't wait for this feeling!!" kind of cry.

This line above, from one of the birthing stories she wrote out for her two kids, just overwhelmed me. I feel like, in just a detailed sentence, she completely summed up the entire birthing experience, and painted it in the most beautiful light. All of a sudden, it's not something I have to do. It's something I get to do. How blessed am I?


  1. That is amazing! Cant wait for that feeling :)

  2. See? You're made for this, Mama! :)
    How wonderful that you are now thrilled for those moments, instead of terrified ;)
    My delivery experience was so empowering and meaningful, right after I had Victory I was saying to those in the room, "I want to go back and do it again!"

  3. ahh! i am so glad you follow her, isn't she amazing?!?!? her writing is like a song, seriously. i have emailed her a million times with questions to help prepare us for our home birth!