24 Week Check In

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Obsessing Over: Movement. Baby BOY Burton is moving around like crazy! It's so fun to feel all the little jabs and kicks. He gets exceptionally active after ANY sort of caffeine... holy moly. Mama won't be having any caffeine when nursing, that's for sure; dually noted. Paul and I actually got to SEE the movement outside, too. It was amazing! Looked like little twitches or muscle spasms in my stomach. But, we knew better :)

Working On: Still researching and praying about the perfect boy names. We have a couple we love, but will probably wait to see his face before we give him his name. Naming a baby is SO important... I never realized. All of those years naming my baby dolls and Barbies, and it never dawned on me that when it was an actual human, it wouldn't be as easy as deciding which one is Tiffany and which one is Tanya. (Those were my favorite girl names when I was little, haha).

Thinking About: The fact that no one ever called me to go over the results of my Anatomy scan... no news is good news right? I called to check in, and the nurse said if anything would have been urgent, they would have called me... but that Dr. T would call me on Monday. And that was Monday, two weeks ago. I guess I have to follow up again. Not sure I like that :(

Anticipating: Setting up his nursery! We've got lots to do. Also, I was watching a show yesterday about a mom who gave birth prematurely... at 25 weeks. That's next week, people. I know that is SCARY early, but babies come at 25 weeks? That means this little guy is developed. I have a little, tiny human inside of me. Wow, wow, wow.

Listening To: Food Network, of course! Currently, Hungry Girl. Telling me how to make Guilt Free Mac-N-Cheese. I'm bookmarking this recipe!

Feeling: Starting to feel like maybe my stomach is growing. I get this weird tightness, mainly at night. Or maybe those are Braxton Hicks, actually? Who knows! I'm only a week away from third trimester (!!!!) and I feel like I miiiight be getting tired again. Second Trimester was so amazing. I felt SO energized, just like everyone told me I would. (And by everyone, I mean "What to Expect When You're Expecting). I can't believe I'm six months pregnant, I don't feel like I look six months pregnant. And, everyone said I would carry high with a boy, but I feel like he's really low. My bump slopes DOWN. Haha

Craving: Grilled Shrimp, Mexican food (which gives me the worst heartburn) and POWERADE.

Wishing: We were on the road for DMB 2012!  We leave this evening. This prego is ready for some CAMPING with good friends!

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