It's a...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I T ' S  A  B O Y !

Almost a week ago, we went in for our 20 week ultrasound. I've been so busy this past week with work and Team Church Conference that I haven't had a chance to sit down and write everything down! Luckily, the day is so engraved in my mind that I don't think I'll forget a single detail for a very, very long time. Also, we have photos coming! So, I want to post those as a picture guide of the reveal.

I drank an orange juice and ate a cinnamon chocolate donut last Friday morning (per the instructions of Sarah and Edipel, who've discovered the secret to an active baby for anatomy scans during their five combined pregnancies!) and the baby was active, active, active several hours later! Our ultrasound technician, Lily, kept asking us to turn away so we wouldn't see the gender. She knew we wanted her to write it down and seal it in an envelope for us, so we could deliver to Lindsay so that she could fill the contents of our lantern for the big reveal with family and friends the following day. That was probably the hardest thing I've ever done: drop off the envelope to our friends and walk away, knowing that they knew what we were having... and we didn't. Paul and I busied ourselves for the rest of the day. We went to Target, Party City, Costco, Albertson's, picked up pizza, had Andy and Jen over to watch the Olympics... it was quite the busy evening. I only text Lindsay once, but she was under strict, strict instructions NOT to cave... but even if we wouldn't have reiterated, she wouldn't have caved. That girl is a steel trap!

When we finally pulled the string on the lantern, and the blue confetti began to fall, I was shocked. Shocked. I still feel like I'm in shock - I guess, deep down, I thought it was a girl. All I wanted was healthy (as cliche as that is!), and for years and years I've pondered what will I name my future daughter? I wonder how many girls I will have - maybe 5 like the Kardashians; they're a crazy big family and I love that!

A boy has never really crossed my mind. I WANTED a boy. I feel like I was meant to have a boy. But, I came from a family of girls. I have a niece. My dad has three sisters. I have numerous female cousins and second cousins. I just felt like a girl was in the cards for me.

I was watching the Olympic trials a couple of weeks ago, and I saw a male gymnast run into the stands to pick up and grip his mom in the biggest, most emotional embrace I've ever seen - and that cemented it for me. I don't think there's anything like a boy's love for his mama. I wanted that. I want to be his first love, his protector, his standard for what every woman should live up to... I wanted that. And I have a husband that I want my son to take after in every way. How perfect is it that a little boy is going to come into our family this Christmas?

I'm a girl, so I know how girls can be. I was difficult. Maybe not as bad as I remember (my mom would swear, now, that I was an angel) but I know how sassy and rude I was for many, many years. Not that a boy couldn't be capable of giving me grief, but I feel like my personality is perfectly matched for a boy. I love being adored. I'm emotional, I'm a little snarky... a boy is the perfect balance for me. God knew that. I knew that. I need to mature a little bit more: spiritually and emotionally, before I will be equipped for a girl.

Blessings are just surreal when you finally meet them face-to-face, delivered (literally) in a shiny package.

The blue confetti fell. Paul was beyond thrilled. I can't even explain. He was - hands down - the happiest I've ever seen him, which of course, made me cry. He's casually mentioned how badly he wanted a boy over the last couple of months, consoling me in my terror (don't ever say this to a pregnant woman. We immediately go to: what if it's a girl? Are you not going to be as happy? Will you still love her/me as much?) that if the first one was a girl, and the second one was a girl... that we would just keep going until we finally got a boy (uhhh...? What am I, a machine?).

Everyone said we were having a boy: both of our moms were convinced. Several friends thought it was a boy, too. Paul and I with a little boy in chinos and a plaid button-up with suspenders and a gelled combover just seems right. I can't wait. I went shopping immediately after everyone left: Nordstrom, Baby Gap, H&M. It was so much fun.

So, anyway: it's a boy. I will post pictures of the gender reveal SOON - it was such a fun day! I'll leave you with this pic from a cell phone... it's a pretty perfect encapsulation of the entire day!



  1. i so know what you mean! i look back at how i was when i was a teen, a asshole, and am scared for me, with THREE girls haha. i can only hope that i broke the mold and my kids will be...different :) this is so the year for boys!

  2. You made me tear up! I love my little boy so much and just can't wait for you to also experience that kind of love. Nothing compares.