26 Week Check In

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obsessing Over: Not much, actually! Oh, except maybe heartburn. Dr. T wrote us a prescription so we can get some serious meds if this doesn't ease up soon... it happens randomly. Just when I think I got it pinpointed to a certain food, it happens when I've been nowhere near that particular food. I've blamed it on coffee, chicken, soda, spicy food, tomato sauce, Sprite, dairy and most recently... water. Yeah. I just think that I'm cursed with the 'burn. I'm also obsessing over stretch marks. I know, it's so vain of me... but I don't care. I've never had a stretch mark in my life. Ever. Even from growth spurts as a kid. And I don't have any yet... so I'm really hoping I've been blessed with good skin! I've been really good about moisturizing and oiling my skin every single day/night... although I've also heard that if you're meant to get stretch marks, it makes NO difference how much Bio Oil you apply. :\ We shall see!

Working On: Your nursery! I've been perusing for some great furniture, and we've actually been talking about starting our registry. Last Friday, we went to Babies R Us and I almost had a panic attack. There's a lot of baby stuff. Holy moly. I may be taking your Aunties with me so they can rationally tell me what I need, and what I don't.

Thinking About: Your name. We still haven't decided, but we're narrowing it down. Who knew naming a human came with this much responsibility?! Also, it's your cousin Amelia's first birthday today. One year ago today, we were all holding and oohing/awwing over her for the first time... and now in a few short months, we'll be doing the same for you. !!? So crazy. Life is the best.

Anticipating: Not much. I'm pretty relaxed this week. Auntie Lacy is due in like a week - which is so exciting! Baby Girl Coldiron will be here very soon, ready to greet you in December!

Listening To: Nothing, it's very quiet in the house right now. Oh, wait, Lennon snoring. He is currently laying beside me on the couch, snoring like an old man.

Feeling: Great! I love being pregnant. Nothing uncomfortable or weird, except when I bend down to pick something up and I kind of can't breathe. Haha - that's a little unsettling. And I'm getting used to sleeping while pregnant - we figured out that when we open the window at night and it gets nice and chilly in the room, I'm much more comfortable. I am thanking camping for that... I slept SO great when we were camping, and I think it was because it got really chilly at night. And there's nothing I love more than a cold room and tons and tons of blankets, sweatshirts and pillows! I've slept wonderfully since we've opened our bedroom window.

Craving: Nothing, really. Water, like usual. And maybe some fair food... nothing sounds better than a fresh scone and corn on the cob from the Puyallup Fair!

Wishing: Your nursery was done, so I can wash and organize all the cute clothes we're collecting! You're gonna be the best dressed guy in town. Besides your dad :)


  1. Let me know what I can do to help with the nursery!

  2. Angela McCulloch-WilliamsSeptember 12, 2012 at 8:24 AM

    I obsessed about stretch marks too! I did not have any until 1 week before I was due. It happened when he dropped. I could not believe that I went my whole pregnancy with none and then with only 1 week left they happened.....oh well, they are not bad and once Nolan got here I ALMOST forgot about them! ;)

  3. Love this! Happy to be able to read these details!!!! I feel like we are BFF.. ha!!!

  4. Names are probably the hardest thing to come up with! My cousin just had her baby girl and named her Isabella which is an adorable name, and very popular. Even though I am ages away from having a baby, my boyfriend and I go through this game of saying random names to see if we like them or not haha, but I think a rule for me is that it will have to sound good in English & Spanish since my whole family is Spanish speaking. Congrats though, I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

  5. I'm guessing lots of hair! My ultrasound tech told me that the only midwives tale that she knew had some scientific accuracy was that lots of heartburn usually equalled lots of baby hair. I had no heartburn with my son and he was a baldy for the longest time and a toe head to this day, 19 months later. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out.

    And boys names are the worst! Though with this pregnancy we're having the hardest time deciding a girls name. Hope you get a good one, he will have it for life...but no pressure ;)

  6. Haha, no kidding! NO PRESSURE! :) I've heard the midwives tale of heartburn = hair, too - but my best friend recently had a baby girl with a FULL head of hair... and had absolutely NO heartburn whatsoever! Haha. I'm hoping, though. I would love a little baby combover! :)