28 Week Check In

Monday, September 24, 2012

Obsessing Over: Again, not much. I think that being pregnant with a boy has calmed me down. For the most part, I mean. I still cried at the really awesome sheepdog at the Puyallup Fair (he was just so obedient, it was darling!!) but I'm far less of a basket case than I ever have been. I'm not stressed about much... people keep asking me how I'm feeling ("Omg, you look pregnant, are you miserable?") and besides getting slightly anxious for labor, I'm doing great.

Working On: Nesting. We've been in cleaning MODE lately. Washed all of our couch covers, bought a microwave (which replaced a compact wine cooler/fridge on our countertop; I KNOW, RIGHT!?) and today all I can think about is seriously going through my closet and throwing away 85% of my clothes just so I am down to the basics.

Thinking About: I have to drink this glucose drink this week, and I also need to register for the Baby Shower! I just realized that is coming up in November, and I need to get that done now so that I have something to put on the invites. Oops.

Anticipating: Labor. :) It's going to hurt, but I'm hopeful for a really awesome experience, still.

Listening To: Amelia is upstairs, running around and giggling. She's such a ham! Her first birthday party is this Friday! You're just missing the festivities, Baby B! ;)

Feeling: Awesome. No complaints. Even my heartburn has died down!

Craving: I had a delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup the other night when I went to dinner with the girls - and I went back again yesterday after church and had it for lunch. I may get it again this week, not gonna lie.

Wishing: I may change this to "Praying". I am praying for friends right now that are either on this "new mommy" journey with me, will soon be on this journey, or are trying very hard to be... Women take pregnancy for granted sometimes. It's such a miracle, and not to be taken advantage of. Some women would willingly give up anything for the opportunity, so I think it's important that all of us treat it with respect, admiration and thankfulness - 110% of the time!

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  1. I love that you cried over the obedience of the sheepdog. Bahahaha, so good.