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Thursday, September 6, 2012


The Fine Print: Here are the Rules 

Thank the Blogger who nominated you! Tell everyone 7 things about yourself, because everyone is dying to know what makes you tick! Choose 7 blogs, or a number of your choosing, to nominate. Post on their page that you have nominated them!

Well, my dear friend Lindsay, from The Little Red Horse, nominated me for this! (Can I just say, having blogger friends that are also real life friends is amazing!? I seriously love it. Go check out Lindsay's blog - she's the one who made my awesome golden lantern for our Gender Reveal... and I know she's working on some things for my niece Amelia's first birthday, too! She's a DIY QUEEN!)

    1. I'll start with the obvious. I'm six months pregnant, due December 18th with our BABY BOY. I'm beyond excited, and also super, super nervous. I'd say the split is now at about 60/40. I'm 60% excited, 40% scared out of my mind. ...alright, fine. Maybe it's 40/60. Don't judge me. I do have to say, I'm better now than I was on April 25th, when I saw that super-intimidating word staring back at me on the pregnancy test! I wanted to hide under my bed like a five year old and whimper about contractions and how much they would hurt. Progress, people.

      (Taken at 24 weeks)

    2. Is there a word for someone that has a lot of great ideas, amazing intentions, starts a lot of fun projects or makes exciting plans... and then abandons them all weeks later for something new? If there is, I'm that word. This is why I have 346 started-and-not-used blogs, as well as a notepad full of notes on "potential new blogs".

    3. I have a dog named Lennon, whom I love more than almost anything. He's part human, I swear. I won't go so far as to call him my firstborn, but he totally is. He's half Cocker Spaniel, half King Charles Cavalier, and a WHOLE lotta cuteness.

      (sweet Lennon)

    4. My husband is my best friend, and being married to him is, honest to God, the easiest and most rewarding thing in the world. I spend a lot of time thinking and praying that he feels the same about being married to me (that it's the easiest and most rewarding thing in the world, ha. Let's be honest - girls are brats). But seriously, he is so good to me. He's so kind, so funny, so  selfless, so handsome... I am truly blessed. We'll have been married for two years this October 8th! I cannot believe 2 years have already flown by!

      (at our Gender Reveal)

    5. I'm slightly obsessed with the TV show Friends. And by slightly obsessed, I mean that I've watched the seasons on DVD since I got my first apartment when I was barely 18 years old, and I can't fall asleep very well without them playing in the background.

    6. I go to church at Champions Centre, and I love it. God is so incredible, and committing my life to serving at the local church has literally changed everything for me - I'm married and expecting my firstborn because I stayed faithful to His plan for my life. It doesn't get better than that.

    7. I love to read. I've loved it since I was a kid, and my reward would be not going to Dairy Queen for a chocolate dipped cone (although that was fun, too), it would be getting to go to the library. I would check out stacks of books at a time, and read them ALL. I'm slowly-but-surely refueling that fire... and it helps to have two best friends that are in it with me. We've even started an unofficial Book Club (ahem, see point #2... and pray for us) so that we can keep reading new stuff. This tends to happen every year after our annual camping trip, where all we do is float the river, eat delicious food, and read books. I'll check back soon and let you know how I'm doing on my 'reading resolution' (which was also the name of a Book Club blog I started - and quit doing - two years ago. Again, please see point #2. I'm not exaggerating about this).

      (book club on the river)

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  1. Love it!!! I love real life friends/blog friends :)
    Also - which character of Friends do you identify most with?

  2. What a sweet sweet dog... I love your name :)