It's Time For Me To Jump In

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So, you've heard a lot from the Mrs, which has been great, but I think its time you hear from me, the Mr!

The joy of knowing that I'm having a BOY is, at times, overwhelming. I've been waiting for this day for a long time: the day I get to become a DAD. However, I thought about it the way I did when I was a 12 years old boy, feeling like 25 years old was such an accomplishment, or something that I would never reach.

I drilled into my head that the outcome of the Gender Reveal was going to be a GIRL simply because I was so afraid of being disappointed when I saw pink. I am/was the last in line as a Burton and I kind of always looked at passing on the namesake as being such a great gift to my Dad and Grandpa (although he's passed).

See, when I found out C (Corianne/Mom) was pregnant, the automatic feeling of fear/excitement/joy/immaturity set in. "Can I do this?" was the first question I asked myself. Selfish as it may be, the only thing I was thinking about was going back to my 12 year old self and punching him in the face and saying "don't ever wish to be a grown up, enjoy the time you're in now!!"

* I think its appropriate to note that 25 came and went; I'm almost 32, and yet, feel like I'm trapped in that 12 year old's body. (Insert inappropriate joke here, Andy). I still feel like a kid at heart.

So, that was my panic. After getting past all the emotions of C being pregnant, I've come to this conclusion:

God is real and He knows timing like He came up with it or something (ha, see what I did there?). Although still being somewhat nervous, I am overjoyed and so blessed: we're having a boy and he's our first. My wife is healthy, HE is healthy, and we both are extremely happy.

This 12 year old boy is finally growing into the 32 year old man that I'm supposed to be. Baby Burton can come anytime now.

Now back to my Nintendo and Juice Box!!!

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