Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Your mother and I are building a nursery for you :/

I still haven't figured out if this is a good idea or bad idea. I mean, don't get me wrong, I would literally do anything for you - including MANUAL LABOR! But, lets get this straight: I sit at a desk with a computer in front of me every single day. The most exercise I get during my day is walking to the car. I've payed my dues. I worked construction when I was younger, and so on. But, yesterday, I moved 10 sheets of sheetrock only to wake up this morning feeling like I just went 10 rounds with Rocky (The Rocky 1 Rocky. He didn't win the final fight in that one so I feel like I could have had at least a chance.)

The way my body feels right now, however, is just one of the many sacrifices I would and will make for you. I would sacrifice being comfortable if I knew it meant you will live a happy and healthy life. The pain I feel right at this moment is only a temporary pain, because I know that the moment I see you all that pain will go away. (Disclosure: to all women who may be reading: I am in no way underestimating the pain that C will be in. Please take this note from me at face value!)

I can't wait to see you, to hold you!

So, back to whether building this room was/is a good idea? Yes, because the fact that its getting built right now just means one thing: you are just a few short weeks away from entering our world and changing our lives forever!

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