Nursery Woes: Cribs

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yeah, there's a lot to choose from.

I thought I would just see one I love and that would be it... well, I see a lot I love. And a lot that look painfully similar, so I spend a good amount of time staring in confusion, trying to decide what I want the most. Snow white, or soft white? Thin rails, thick rails? Sleigh, or not to sleigh? Beach Cottage? Venetian?

It's a CRIB. I doubt Baby Burton will care much, and I don't even think that many people will probably spend a lot of time in his nursery but Paul and me. So, I don't know why we haven't just bought one yet.

Oh, I know. Maybe because the one I want is five hundred million dollars and a little too feminine. But, I love it so much I'm considering which organ I can sell on the black market and how much I care about Baby Burton's infant masculinity. I mean, he's going to be peeing himself and wearing stuff with rubber duckies on it; how much could he really mind?

Let's be honest. This nursery is all about me.


Thanks, Restoration Hardware.


  1. Isn't it SO HARD to pass up stuff like that?!?!!? I would love to outfit Zanes whole room - scratch that - my WHOLE HOUSE with the new RH look book I just got in that mail.

  2. I am almost two weeks late to post this comment, but I keep thinking about it and finally sat down to do it so it won't bug me anymore! ;)
    The best advice we got about a crib was to not fall into the trap of the "convertible cribs," which salespeople tell you can last forever by converting into a full size bed... But only by buying extra pieces later. So if you're going to be spending more money anyway - why not just buy a twin or full size bed for the kiddo once they've outgrown their crib, instead?
    We got our Jenny Lind crib at a baby consignment shop for $60, a coordinating painted-grey Jenny Lind changing table and pad for $35 on Craiglist (and just resold it last week for $30, woohoo!) and old wooden glider at Value Village for under $20, which I spruced up with furniture polish and two new big fabric cushions from the IKEA seasonal/outdoor seating area for $20, and a vintage dresser at an antique store for $70. The whole nursery for about $200!
    Just in case you haven't seen it, in the new IKEA catalog they have the whole (3 piece) Hensvik set for $299: The design has fun lines to it, they could add a little pizzazz to a boys' room, and the changing table can turn into just a shelf later which is super practical.
    My number one piece of advice is to create a space that you feel comfortable in, because you want it to calm you and make you smile when you're spending time in there (which is a lot at first).

    Anyway, just some thoughts I wanted to share. Hopefully you don't mind all the $$ talk (I'm obsessed with deals!) or the out-of-the-blue advice; I know you didn't ask, and I got annoyed with free advice when I was pregnant :)
    I know whatever you pick will be lovely, because you and Paul have great taste! Have fun and enjoy the process!