Photo Friday: September 21, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

1. This is an old record shop in Federal Way. One day, after work, I attempted to surprise your Dad and buy him some records that he would love. Well, as it turns out - I'm a horrible gift-giver. I'm indecisive, and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I literally spent hours in this record store, pouring over records. I had no idea what to get. I know, deep down, he would have been happy with anything - to him, it's the thought that matters (always remember that about your Dad!) but I just couldn't pick. I literally agonized over it for hours, thought about his reaction to each gift, analyzed whether or not it would be something he would spend his own money on... so, instead, I left empty-handed and told him I was just going to take him out to dinner instead. :) I love giving gifts, but my awful indecisiveness makes it really hard sometimes! I just want every gift to be the best, when, in actuality - that's my biggest problem. People love gifts (well, except maybe your Auntie Jen, her "Oh my gosh, I love it" face sucks... so if you ever want to buy her something, you can double check with me and I'll make sure to help you) and it's always, always, always the thought and effort and heart that you put into it. Don't forget that!

2. I don't remember this guy's name, but he was (is?) a waiter at El Gaucho in Portland, OR. Your Dad and I went here one weekend and stayed at this awesome hotel (the fire alarm went off in the middle of the night, scariest thing ever) and we ate at this restaurant. Your Dad was pretty sure this guy was his long lost brother (I think it's the eyebrows... I'm guessing you know all about those. They are a very predominant Burton gene!). Anyway, Dad is VERY friendly. People love him - he makes friends everywhere he goes (we affectionately refer to him as 'Talky Talkerson') and this guy was no exception! Haha

3. Ugh. This is the hardest thing to remember - ever. Don't fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. I found this verse one night when I was freaking out about a bone scan that your Grandma Cohee had to have... I had myself convinced that it was cancer and that my world was crumbling around me. So, that night I stayed home - opened my Bible - and just asked God to help calm me; give me the confidence that I needed to be completely faithful and know that it was all going to be ok. (It WAS ok... the biopsy was completely normal, I think the lump they found was just a calcium deposit, or something - basically, I had stressed myself out and cried my head off for no reason).

4. Ok, your Dad. Not only is he awesome in every sense of the word, but he's also A RIOT. We were going out for Auntie Ashley's birthday, and he took "country" to a whole new level. I, you can see, look somewhat normal (or, what we considered normal in 2011). I just have on a countryesque-baseball tee and a fitted flannel, some skinny jeans and brown boots. Your Dad however, likes to look as ridiculous as he can - huge belt buckle, cowboy hat, boots, and Goodwill flannel. And he talked all night in a Southern drawl with a toothpick hanging out of his mouth. Now, I know you're probably confused - because your Dad is the fashion conscious one out of the two of us... but more than anything, he likes to have fun. So, this is him, having some fun. Haha

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  1. I love these pictures.... you are a great writer Cee!!