Photo Friday: September 28, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

1. Three of your cousins, Riley, Noah and Amelia... on the day Amelia was born. A year and two(ish) months before you made your debut!

2. Pastor Kevin speaking, and your Dad leading worship on Easter 2011. This was an amazing day. Dad led a song called "Rooftops" that was a lot of fun. Someday, when you're older, ask him about the megaphone! Or don't, actually... just forget I said anything.

3. Ok. There are going to be times when you don't want to claim me as your mother. I fully accept that. Just be forewarned, that most of these times you will also probably not want to claim Jessica or Jen as your Aunts, too, because they are usually apart of such embarrassing or ridiculous antics. This night, captured above, is one of those times. We were all watching the MTV Video Music Awards together (me, Dad, Jen, Andy, Jess, Davey) and decided that something that would be more interesting than watching Lady Gaga (total freak show) perform and scare the daylights out of audiences around the world would be to see how easily we can fit into Lennon's dog kennel. We vowed that as long as we could still do this, dieting wouldn't be crucial. I really just think this is testament to how awful Lady Gaga is, if nothing else.

4. I like spicy food. A LOT. I used to carry a Sriracha with me everywhere I went. I partially blame Crissy, because she swore by chicken-in-a-can-and-sriracha, and Crissy is pretty much the prettiest thing ever. So, I decided to eat whatever she ate. That lasted until Chipotle opened around the corner, about a week later.

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