Why I'm Glad You're a BOY

Monday, September 17, 2012

  • You will always, always, always love me. Boys love their mamas. They protect their mamas. I'm pretty excited that I get to be the standard by which you will measure any and all other females in your life... that's a lot of pressure for me, but it's such a beautiful honor. I will work hard every day to make sure that I don't let you down or give you false impressions of what a woman is and should be.

  • We get to go on dates :) I love when Moms take their sons out and teach them "how to treat a lady", and it's even better because you've got a Daddy that pretty much wrote the book on this stuff. He's so wonderful. I keep thinking back to last Christmas, when he showed up at my work on a Friday evening, all dressed up - with outfit options, a hot coffee, some random presents all wrapped up for me to open on the drive to Seattle... and tickets to see Cinderella at the 5th Avenue Theatre. That kind of stuff will be so much fun with you and Daddy planning those fun times together. You'll be stylin' in a little suit, ready to take me out for a night on the town. I can't wait.

  • I sound a bit like a spoiled brat in these first two points (I am), so I also want to point out that I'm excited to SPOIL my boys right back. I'm a really good cheerleader. Like, really good. Whether it's for your first football game, attending your first concert, or just learning how to ride a bike or fly down the slide by yourself... I can't wait to be right there with you and Dad; the ever-present third wheel. You guys are going to be best friends, I already see it. You'll probably want to lead worship or run sound on the big, fancy board in the main auditorium or cut lightening bolts into your hair - and let's face it - I do none of those things. But, I'm really good at being your biggest fan in doing all of those things yourself. That craziness is all you and Dad, and I'm happy to be there taking photos and bragging about both of you.

  • I get to be your safe place. When Dad pushes you too far (and we know he will), I get to be the one that makes you feel better; the person that has "a talk" with him when you whole heartedly believe he's being unfair. If he gets to be your best friend and idol, at least I know that there will be moments you will want to kill each other. Enter, ME. The peacemaker.

  • As the firstborn, you get the incredibly important role of "leader" to your future brothers or sisters. A "brother" is the perfect person for that leadership role. It's such an important job. I'm the firstborn and obviously, I'm a girl. I always wished I would have been able to command a bit more respect from other people in taking care of my little sister. I think respect just comes with being a man, especially if you treat others in the same manner - you're a guardian, a protector. A gatekeeper :) People will be much more hesitant to mess with you than they were to mess with me! So, take your job seriously... you were sent first because you were meant to defend and protect any future siblings for the rest of your life. :)

Of course, I could go into all the little details, like not having to share my clothes or makeup, but that goes without saying. This is a brief list, but just something I thought about this weekend. As time goes on, and as your birthday gets closer, I find myself becoming more and more grateful that God's blessed us with a son.

I'm pretty excited to share my life with you.

Editor's Note: I should also mention that if you randomly inherit some weird love of shopping, or an obsession with what shade of blue looks best with a particular pair of pants, please don't look at me. That's your Dad's fault. If you drag me to the mall, I will wait it out in the car or at the nearest Starbucks while you guys do your thing - and I will happily direct you to your father for any question on "what not to wear". It's just not my thing. I would rather go hunting* than try on clothes. And I've never even been hunting - that's how much I hate dressing rooms.

*I would never go hunting, I'm just trying to make a point.


  1. OMIGOSH. Tears. In the middle of my office. LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH. Love my Penny and wouldn't trade her for anything, but gosh this isn't helping my baby fever. Now a I want a boy too. Geeeesh! :)

  2. Wait... Did Alicia just say she wanted another baby.....

  3. I do. It's crazy I know. I love being a mom SO MUCH. And I miss having a baby. NUTS. Clearly my life wouldn't really allow me having another baby at this point. LOL :) But I do have baby fever. :)

  4. this post is so sweet! i think you are going to be an awesome mama.