29 Week Check In

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Obsessing Over: Happy 29 weeks to us! Still not obsessing over much; I'm pretty sure you've leveled out my emotions, which is awesome. I guess if there's one thing I'm obsessing over, it's my Birth Plan. Now that labor and delivery is getting closer, I'm finding myself worrying about the little things: is this "whopping cough epidemic" going to keep people that I want from being in the delivery room with me? When your cousin Aliviah was born, no one was allowed to go back to see Aunt Katie or the baby at all - only grandparents or siblings of the newborn. Not siblings of the mother delivering the newborn. If this happens in December when it's my turn to give birth, I may lose my mind. I know they do it all for a reason but it's in my very logical and (not very) deeply researched opinion and their reasons are ridiculous. :) Anyway. I want a relaxed environment for when we bring you into this world, surrounded by our family and closest friends. So, I've got a lot on my mind.

Working On: Baby Shower and Nursery, which will probably be the case until the end of this month :) We've got things underway for your party... invites are designed and will be printed this week, we've talked about decor, and Ashlynn is going to help me create some more menu options - I'm pretty excited!

Thinking About: Registering. Labor. How hard you're kicking me right at this very moment. How Baby Chandler is doing on her third day in this big, beautiful world (it's your Auntie Lacy's birthday today, too!). And how much I love quiet nights at home with the Food Network, my laptop, yummy fall-scented candles and some outdoor holiday lights that we've strung over the brick wall behind the TV. This is my happy place :) The only thing that is missing is your DAD, but he's at the church rehearsing for BOLD! (Oh, and Lennon... Lennon is here too. Love him.)

Anticipating: All of it. I can't believe I'm in my 3rd Trimester already. Also, I'm anticipating our SECOND WEDDING ANNIVERSARY this coming Monday. This has been the best two years, ever. Your dad is a model husband, I'm a lucky girl!

Listening To: Chopped, on the Food Network :) Surprise!

Feeling: Awesome. I've noticed your movements are getting stronger - you're growing for sure! Even your kicks are less of a flutter, and more of a "My God, I think he may have just stabbed a hole in my lung". Be nice to your mother. :)

Craving: QUINOA! And I'm back to craving the fresh stuff again - salads, apples, water. My weight gain has been pretty minimal, and I think I might owe it to a healthy first and looking-to-be third trimester. Besides, when I eat ANYTHING right now, I feel like I've literally eaten an elephant... I get SO full, I can barely move. Even if I've just had a bottle of water. I'm pretty proud of my eating habits during pregnancy... I was worried it was going to be some weird alien-takeover, and I would be sleepwalking to the kitchen for pickles and ice cream and gaining 120 before I gave birth. Not reality. A lot of horror stories about pregnancy are not reality actually. You don't care about this, but I just have to say: pregnancy is not about eating for two. And it's also not about dieting, or denying yourself of the things you want. It's just about moderation, like always. And I'm truly not more hungry than I was before I was growing a human inside of me. :) Certain things sound better now, but I don't need to gorge myself to keep myself and my baby happy!

Praying: Praying for a smooth delivery - Lacy was a rockstar this past weekend, and I'm hoping to be half as strong! I know I can do it. I know it will hurt. And I also know that the minute you take your first breath of air here in this world, that I'm going to forget everything I just endured. God's created a miracle (well, you, yes... but I was talking about the woman, and her ability to bring forth LIFE. I feel pretty empowered if I really think about it!)

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