31 Week Check In

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obsessing Over: Oh, just labor. I think I cried last night during dinner... what a roller coaster. I've been scared, then super anxious, then confident and all "BRING. IT. ON." and now I think I'm back to scared again. It's ok, though. I have two more months to prepare myself... and I have faith that it will all be perfect.

Working On: Invitations are done, and being passed out/mailed/emailed as we speak. I love them so much! I found them on Pinterest and had Paul recreate them for me... which he did, perfectly of course. Love him so much.

Thinking About: EVERYTHING. I'm still feeling great, and I just admitted last night... I love the "size" that I am right now. I love the perfect roundness of my bump, I love that I can still fit into some of my normal clothes comfortably, I love that as quick as the mood swings come is as quick as they go. I love pregnancy. LOVE. And although I'm anticipating the end, I'm looking back on the last seven months with nothing but complete awe.

Anticipating: Labor. Still. And about how if I was to go into labor right now, I'm practically full term. That is a scary thought... I could literally give birth right now and we would be ok. I feel like I just found out I was pregnant yesterday!

Listening To: "Thank God for Hometowns", by Carrie Underwood. I love this song! "Thank God for church pews... and all the faces that won't forget you."

Feeling: Amazing. Sleeping much better lately... the Boppy Body Pillow is FROM JESUS HIMSELF. Paul went and got me one on Friday after a particularly annoying night of no sleep. I think it was mainly a gift for me, but probably a lot for him too. Poor guy always wakes up when I throw myself into a new position... or accidentally smack him in the mouth.

Craving: Nothing. NOTHING sounds good. I was hungry last night for dinner, but couldn't decide on anything to eat. And we literally tossed around everythingItalian. An Irish Pub. Mexican. Soup. Cookies. Pizza. We finally settled for an all-night-happy hour at HG Bistro, and I enjoyed an amazing flatbread with pear, red onion, toasted pecans and gorgonzola.

Praying: That God will cover us with a complete sense of peace and calm as we get into these last few weeks. This is when immature Corianne would freak out and withdraw from society and bite people's heads off for saying hello in the wrong tone. Sooo... I'm praying (for you and me) that she doesn't make an appearance.


  1. couldn't live without my boppy body pillow!! haha, my poor hubs though is couch bound until he sees a doctor for his increasingly worse snoring :/ i literally don't sleep one second when he is in bed snoring, it is the worst :(

  2. You are so amazing!! I can't wait to stalk you through all of this scary/exciting stuff!!!

  3. Oh I wish I would have bought that pillow. Good job, Paul!
    You will do great Corianne! Praying for a quick and easy Labor for you :)

  4. I love that you love pregnancy and are appreciating it for the miracle it is. I loved it too, it was such a special time; of course not perfect, but still so special. This girl here was recently told that it would risk her/baby's life to try for another miracle, and that is a hard thing to accept, so just - thank you. Xo