32 Week Check In

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Obsessing Over: Monday during my appt, the nurse reminded me to wear my seatbelt under my belly, because if we got into an accident, the pressure from wearing it over the top of my belly could break my water and I could go into labor. I'm sorry, what? I could give birth TODAY and (with a lot of medical help), Baby Burton would be just fine? Whoa, whoa, whoa. And, also: registering online - has anyone ever attempted this!? SO ANNOYING! So many things, so many brands, so many tiny differences. I said on Facebook yesterday that registering for a wedding is so different, because you're just registering for new of and better versions of things you already know/use: toasters, towels, wine glasses, blenders, etc. Now, I'm having to think about things like pumps and variations of bottles, the same baby wipes in four different brands, etc. It's like I'm a kid learning about the world all over again!

Working On: BABY SHOWER STUFF. I can't believe it's next week! I'm so excited to celebrate with my family and friends!

Thinking About: The fact that it's the end of October. I can't believe by this time in DECEMBER, a little over a month away, I will be holding our little baby! These updates get more and more repetitive as time goes on. Right now, all I can think about is meeting this little guy.

Anticipating: Not much. The key to anticipation is to get good sleep. Haha. I've been sleeping much better the past couple of days. I guess if anything, I'm anticipating the appointments where I start getting "checked". That doesn't sound fun. And while I know that labor is going to hurt much worse, I know it's probably a different kind of pain. The labor pain, I have no idea about... so ignorance is a slight bliss right now, keeping me sane.

Listening To: Taylor Swift. New album came out this week. Baby Burton, MOMMY LOVES HER. Just FYI.

Feeling: Great, just a little achey in my lower back... but I'm reading that that is pretty normal at this point! Also, still not much of an appetite, and sometimes I think that nausea is back a bit? I've heard that can happen in the third trimester, too, so... I'm just making sure to keep snacks available at all times.

Craving: Nothing. Food is so boring, and if I drink anything, I pee every five minutes.

Praying: For timeliness! Baby Burton, we would love to meet you before Christmas Day. Just sayin ;)

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