Photo Friday: October 12, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

1. Christmas Eve 2011 :) These are some amazing ladies. Savi, Jess and Jen. "The group" has this awesome tradition called "family Christmas". I got to join in on this tradition in 2009, but basically, everyone gathers to take a photo on stage, in front of the huge Christmas tree. It's so fun to look back on these photos... even though this coming year I may or may not be WAY pregnant with you (I'm voting NOT... I know you'll be early and/or on time). Anyway, this pic was taken while we were waiting for the rest of the group for our huge, awesome photo. I love these ladies dearly, and you will too!

2. I actually don't remember what's going on here, but I know this was at church - in the Coffee Shop during one of our student services. Savi, Britt (who's getting married today!), me and Jess were holding candy that Britt brought us from London, I think. Something was very exciting about the packaging, haha... but more than anything, I just love these friends.

3. All time favorite photo, ever. This was minutes after Dad proposed, and Jen and Jess flew out into the yard to celebrate! They couldn't wait any longer, and even though they tried to respect the moment and let us bask in the glow of our new engagement, it was far too exciting for them to sit back any longer. I love them.

4. Dad's 31st birthday in Seattle. You may be horrified by the plaid in this photo, but this is SOOOO 2012, and SOOOO Seattle... so you have to respect it, anyway. I can't wait to know whether trends have changed when you're reading this. Mark my words: they always come back. You may be disgusted right now by the thick framed glasses and flannel shirts, but if they're not still cool - they will be again soon. You mark my words: if there's anything I've learned from your Dad, it's that. :)

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