Photo Friday: October 5, 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012

1. A fun night with your cousin Aliviah! What a ham she is... take care of this girl, even though she's a couple years older than you. She means the world to me... she's the first "Cohee" grandchild, and my first blood-related niece. I have a special place in my heart reserved for her, and she's gonna need you to always be her friend and protector. Always! That's your cousinly-duty :)

2. If anyone ever says anything about your Dad and I, I hope they talk about how much fun we are. Especially when bowling. I'm particularly bad at bowling, and it's a good day if I break 100. This is me pouting when I didn't (break 100).

3. We met Scott Conant in Vegas in September 2011, and it was the best night. We love The Food Network, and watch it regularly. One of our favorite shows is Chopped, and this is our favorite judge. He owns a restaurant called Scarpetta, so for our One Year Wedding Anniversary, Dad made reservations for us and we had an incredible dinner there (spaghetti, truffle polenta, and a fancy ravioli special). And, as we were paying - SCOTT CONANT himself walked out from the kitchen. We begged our waiter to bring him to our table, and since it was our anniversary, he did. He was so nice! Definitely made our night :)

4. This photo just makes me laugh. Something at church was going on (Bold Mens Conference, I think) and clearly Jess and I were dieting. What's new. That Tupperware container used to contain salad, we have Smart Waters and Nonfat Lattes littered around the table. This screams "diet season". Be glad you're a guy. Diet Season is ugly.

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