The Waking Dread

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The past few weeks of sleep have been DREADFUL. Your mom is in her 31st week with you and seems to be the most uncomfortable when she is sleeping.

I've contemplated sleeping on the couch, I've even gone as far as to think about "kicking" her out of bed. I would disguise it... you know, like as in when she wakes up on the floor I'm would say "Oh, you poor thing... you must have been so restless last night that you fell out of bed" or something like that. I know that I should probably be getting used to the idea of waking up at all hours of the night to help with you... but I just thought that would come when you did. Instead, I feel like your mom has some sort of evil plan to force me into being a light sleeper.

My one saving grace has been the Boppy Body Pillow, although that thing is so big that it feels like there might be someone else in bed with us. Not to mention, that it has taken all options of me even getting close to her in bed out of the equation. (You'll probably cringe when you read that). That being said, the pillow does seem to help with her sleep. A. Little.

The "Waking Dread" actually only really happens when I'm in zombie-mode (ask us about The Walking Dead); it's that time right around when I'm dead asleep and when I get my 3am wake up from the rearrangement of the Boppy so your mom can flip to her other side.

I know that this is a "magical time" and all, and believe me - it is one of the best, most fun experiences I've ever lived through. However, in the times of sleep and half-consciousness, thoughts of hatred and anger towards your beautiful mother are all one seems to be able to muster up. Then, when I wake up in the morning and see her cute glowing face and hear her scratchy little voice say "Good Morning Husband! How did you sleep?" the only words I can manage are "Grrrrrrreat, how did you sleep?" as I stumble to the bathroom.

Since your mom seems to be the only one getting all the attention right now (NOTE: This is a sarcastic statement. Meant as a joke), I'll take this time to tell you how I'm doing on October 18, 2012. I feel great today! Woke up to a beautiful sunrise which reminded me of God's greatness (ask about the Greater Series) and how God's grace is never ending.

I'm thankful for this day and am so grateful for God's grace on and in my life. I'm thankful today for the small blessings in life. The ones like a hot Americano, a car that works, socks that feel like pillows, and the color of the trees that are outside my work window.

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