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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I have been feeling these little teeny twitches in my lower abdomen. I actually thought it was your heartbeat and panicked for a moment, but then upon further research... I realized that it's probably just the hiccups. My trusty iPhone app says that 30 weeks is when I'll experience some crazy mood swings and also start noticing hiccups as you begin to practice breathing. Aww. How cute is that? Don't stress about learning to breathe too much, little one. It will come naturally, and pretty soon, you'll be doing it perfectly and without a second thought ;)

Yesterday, Dad and I celebrated two years of marriage! I know, it seems like such a small amount... by the time you read this, we'll probably be celebrating like 20 years of marriage and packing our bags for some extravagant, amazing trip without you kids. Haha! (Look how much I'm joking in this post; clearly I'm on the uptick of an aforementioned "mood swing", geez).

Anyway, celebrated two years this past weekend. One of our FAVORITE things to do together is to book a hotel through a website called (you put in how much you want to pay, and what kind of hotel you want to stay in - 1 through 5 star - and Priceline "negotiates" a deal for you) and stay up in Seattle for the night. Well, it was just a regular Saturday. I was at home cleaning (nesting), Dad was at church working on a Bold Men's Conference highlight video, and all of our friends were headed to Qdoba for a little birthday celebration.

Dad picked me up right around 8:15 or so, but instead of taking a left onto Vickery to head towards the restaurant we were supposed to meet up with our friends at, he took a left.

"Where are you going?" I barked (mood swing)

He hands me a folded piece of paper. It's an amazing little note about the top reasons that he loves me. I start crying immediately (mood swing). Then, he hands me another folded piece of paper. A printed out confirmation of our hotel reservations for Renaissance Hotel in Seattle. I check the date.

"Tonight?!" I panic. (Mood swing) "But I didn't pack anything!"

"I did." Paul smiles calmly.

"But... but... cell phone charger? Clothes for tomorrow? Are we going to church? Do our friends know we're not coming to dinner? I need to call my mom and dad, they were excited to see us tomorrow at church! WE HAVE ISAAC'S FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!" (uhh, MOOD SWING. Clearly.)

"It's all taken care of. Call your parents, then Laura. We're headed to Seattle."

I cried some more. How thoughtful he is, always. It just blows my mind. I would bet money that you are going to get this from him. I really hope you do, anyway. I'm scattered and emotional and can go from zero to stressed in 2.4 seconds. I have great intentions and horrible follow through. If you have sister, I'll bet that they will get this from me, because I am JUST like your grandma Cohee.  If you have a sister that's like this already, you're probably laughing hysterically. Or, you are just like me and your sister is like your dad, and you're just utterly confused at how that worked out.

Anyway. Seattle. Was awesome.

I can't even describe how much fun we had - we were both so excited for the brief escape. We walked around downtown Seattle until like midnight (it's been record-breaking temperatures around here right now; sunny and warm. Like 72 degrees all weekend long!), we ate at a favorite happy hour (Elephant & Castle), and then I stayed up til 2am watching "raw and uncensored" prison documentaries while Dad caught up on sleep.

The next day, we walked to breakfast, walked back to our hotel, checked out, shopped all day in downtown and then had dinner at Jazz Alley, where we saw Kurt Elling. It was an amazing, relaxing day.

NOTE: make sure you plan lots of "mini-getaways" for you and your wife. It doesn't have to be a super glamorous trip to Vegas, or even a trip out of the state. Just book a nice hotel and whisk her away for a romantic weekend away from your routine. It's worth it's weight in gold, I promise.

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  1. This is just the sweetest post ever! Love it! So glad that you had such a great time!!!!