37 Week Check In

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Obsessing Over: The fact that I am officially full term. I can't believe it. I can't believe you probably weigh about six pounds right now, and you're just hanging out in my belly, waiting for the right time to make your debut. You're not waiting quietly, either. You are going to TOWN in there. I made the comment yesterday on Facebook that it feels like you're rearranging furniture or something... I honestly cannot figure out what's happening, but you are all over the place. I'm still ok with you making your debut sooner than later... except I still need to put the car seat in the car, so give me another day or so :)

Working On: Not much... your room is almost done. Dad spent hours last night looking for the perfect nursery light online; I passed out on the couch.

Thinking About: Labor. This answer won't change for a few weeks. I'm a perfect mix of anxious and excited and terrified. I actually googled "women who loved the feeling of labor" last night, trying to find out if maybe, just maybe, there was a chance I could be a complete freak of nature and LOVE the pain that bringing a child into this world brings. (Follow up: turns out, not a ton of women enjoyed it. Surprise! BUT - a lot of women said it wasn't as bad as they originally imagined it to be. If I fell into that category, I would be beyond happy. There were a few that are regular surrogates that actually think it's the best, most fulfulling feeling in the world... and they do it over and over again because they want to. So, there's that.)

Anticipating: your face! Will you have hair? Will you look like me? Or like your dad? Or like neither, sending me into a tailspin of emotional confusion. Please don't weigh 10lbs; I've done a pretty good job of not eating like a pregnant woman, so if you do, I feel like it will be all your fault. :) I promise, I'll fatten you up once you've arrived.

Listening To: Your dad, leaving for work. And the Today Show in the background.

Feeling: Good! The other night, I woke up with pain in my back SO bad that I almost threw up. I had to breathe through it. Normally, I would twist myself into an awkward position to stretch it out, but this belly makes that technique a little more difficult. So, I just sat up and took deep breaths. It passed, and I have a feeling it was from sleeping in a bad position. I haven't really experienced that sharp pain again, except for a little this morning - but it wasn't nearly as bad. I think I need to sleep on our comfy couches -- they're way sturdier. Also, my relatively regular occurrence of Braxton Hicks are accompanied now by very light cramping... which means they could actually be the very, very start of normal contractions? I have an appointment tomorrow with our midwife, which I'm super nervous about for some reason.

Craving: Salads. Spicy food. BEETS.

Praying: For an amazing experience - from labor and delivery and all the way up until our first week with you at home. So many firsts, so many new experiences, so many opinions and questions... I just want to handle it all with ease and grace. I've also felt that you will be early since the very beginning of my pregnancy... so, I'm praying that I'm right :)


  1. love this! even though my birth story was crazy intense, i actually LOVE the feeling of birthing a baby (over share?) plus, the best part...the second he is out and in your arms you feel amazing! ps, rowan was 10.5 lbs and it wasn't that bad ;)

  2. THANK YOU! You always know what to say to make me feel better. :) I was almost 10lbs and Paul was in the upper 8's, I think... so, we could have a bigger baby, I suppose!