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Thursday, November 15, 2012

We found out on Sunday night that our best friends Andy and Jen are pregnant!

I thought she was kidding. I think I even told her to shut up. I had to look at Andy and analyze his face before I decided that they were, in fact, telling the truth. Then she said: "Here, I can prove it" and pulled a few ultrasounds out of their hiding place in the pantry.

And not only are they pregnant, they're like THREE MONTHS PREGNANT. Out of the first trimester already, and due in May.


I think I had such a hard time accepting this news (and by "hard time", I mean stunned to silence in between bouts of frantic shrieking and jumping around the kitchen) because... how do you NOT have an intuition that your close friend is with child? Shouldn't I have some kind of weird "mommy intuition"? Heck, forget about mommy-intuition... what about BFF intuition!?

I truly had no idea. But, now that I look back - I remember a couple pictures where people pointed out that Jen was glowing. From the lighting, or whatnot, but still. She stayed oddly quiet during conversations recently where people would talk about baby things... labor, nursery decor, names. Why didn't my friend/mommy radar pick up on that and grill her until she broke down and told me?!

Either way, I'm BEYOND excited. You're going to have a best friend/future wife coming in May ;) Jen and I get to raise and spoil newborns together, and Jess gets to oversee the madness... which will be beyond funny and exciting.

This is the kind of stuff that great blogs are made of.


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