Monday, November 19, 2012

I stayed up last night until 2am, washing your newborn clothes and bedding, setting up your crib, chair, "freestanding closet" (Dad refuses to call it a "armoir"), and bookshelf. We got our new couches delivered - which we love, love, love.

I made last minute runs to Target and Walmart (car died at Walmart, that was fun!) and then busied myself at home, cleaning and preparing for you.

I'm getting so anxious. The minute I got the last piece of bumper tied onto your crib, I couldn't help but to picture you in there.

What are you going to look like?

And how are you going to fit into those impossibly small baby clothes?

Then, today - I preregistered at the hospital, called on insurance to make sure you were covered after you get here, and scheduled our tour of the birthing center.

This is the most I have ever, ever done in a 24 hour period! Haha


  1. Gosh I got a little teary reading this... I just remember doing this getting ready for Zaner. He will be here before you know it, and you wont remember what life was like before him. So excited for you! Also, I need to come see the nursery soon so I can get a feel for something I am making him.

  2. Please tell me there are nursery photos coming soon!

  3. SOON! Still need to do some decorating :) Haha