November 5th, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

A quick update, since tomorrow I'm 34 weeks and will be doing a more detailed check-in...

We're almost done, baby! It's around five more weeks until we get to meet you, and I'm beyond excited. Your movements are getting more and more pronounced; I can feel you dragging your leg or arm across my belly ALL DAY LONG... I think back to how eager I was to feel the tiniest flutter of a movement, and now it's strange to go for five minutes without feeling you rolling around. Sometimes your movement makes me really dizzy!

My skin tightens with Braxton Hicks contractions regularly, which is the weirdest thing. No pain, just a very, very awkward tightening. And when I saw awkward, I mean awkward as in: "Is my skin going to rip open??" I've been lathering up like crazy with all sorts of oil and moisturizer to ensure that doesn't happen.

Also, YOU AND YOUR HICCUPS. You get them nightly, or whenever I chug my water. It's pretty funny. Grandma C got to feel them at the Baby Shower, and Dad feels them nightly... they last for a pretty long time! I can't wait to see you when you're out here in the real world, and you get those same hiccups. It's going to be surreal!

Last night, I was pushing back against you when you were kicking, and I think you got mad. You started kicking harder, and then moving away from my hand. I'm pretty sure you were telling me to knock it off, and if you were -- you totally get that feistiness and "don't touch me!" attitude from yours truly. It made my night. I do that to your father all the time.

"Paul. Stop tickling the bottom of my foot."

"Paul. Stop poking me in the shoulder."

"Paul. Stop touching my nose."

Our baby shower was Friday, and oh my gosh -- you are such a BLESSED little man! People are so excited to meet you, and your grandmas/aunties did an amazing job with their "nautical" creation. We had anchors and Christmas lights and nautical pieces everywhere and yummy food everywhere - everyone worked so hard to make it perfect, and it truly was.

Also, as a super important but unrelated side-note: we voted tonight in the 2012 election (which is tomorrow). You can ask us who we voted for later (since I don't feel like turning this blog into a political debate forum), but I just want you to know how important it is to exercise your rights as a citizen of this incredible nation! Do your duty, always. One nation, under God. Indivisible. You have a voice, so USE IT when it counts. :)

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