Thursday, November 29, 2012

Progress: None. :) Well, except for you are head down, YAY! That's always good news.

I love having a midwife. She asked Paul if he wanted to feel your head (allow me to clarify: feel your head by pressing on the outside of my stomach -- lol), so she showed him how he can do the same thing at home. He was SO amazed. She showed him where place his hand, and then if he pressed down into my skin and moved his hand gently back and forth -- he could feel your little (prayerfully little) head just hanging out!

You didn't like it that much, though. Every time they would move your head, you would get ticked off and kick me super aggressively up by my ribs. Mommy LOVED that.

You haven't dropped much, but Midwife said everything is feeling as it should for 37 weeks. Which is great! ...I was just secretly hoping that everything would feel as it should for about 39 weeks. ;)

I was terrified for this appointment - it's much more invasive than the normal doppler, measurement, pee-in-a-cup, do-you-have-any-questions appointments of the weeks past. I Googled some shameful things trying to find out how bad it would hurt, or how uncomfortable it would be. Haha! Didn't get any help there, but texting the mommies in my world helped to put my mind at ease... kind of. Everyone was super nice about it, kind of like they were at my baby shower when I asked everyone to be honest about what labor felt like. Everyone looked at each other like: "DON'T TELL HER" and then proceeded to feed me all these lines about how you "forget the pain as soon as you see their precious little face..." and blah, blah, blah - I need to know: knives, or the worst punch in the stomach ever? Details, people!

The only one that was brutally honest about this appointment with me was your Auntie Lacy... when her text starts out with "I'll be honest..." you know she's not sugar-coating anything ;) She was right, it really wasn't that bad though - I could tell I just need to relax and remember to BREATHE. And I'm sure that's going to go for labor too. When I got nervous or uncomfortable during my visit yesterday, I found myself holding my breath... which is funny, because I do that sitting on my couch at home watching scary movies, too! Haha.

It helped that my midwife was so comforting. She assured me that she would not hurt me, that she's there to help me and bring me good news, not send me home crying out of pain or violation. Haha. She's so upbeat and sweet, I love that about the midwives: it's like having your mom or grandma deliver your baby. They are SO maternal, it's comforting (in the least creepy way possible, I know some of you are probably like... "eek!").

Looking forward to our 38 week check-up!

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  1. omg! baby will be here soooooon!!! :) can't wait!