2009 vs 2012

Saturday, December 8, 2012

As we were getting ready last night for opening night of Scrooge, Paul and I realized that this coming Thursday was the third anniversary of "our day"...

We decided that we were soul mates on December 18th, 2009, and we should probably just be together and in love forever and ever. We were at The Ram for a late, late dinner after a Thursday night performance of Scrooge that year (in full stage makeup and all, mind you) with Andy, Jen, Davey and Jessica.

It's a long story, how it all went down, but I'll summarize by saying that we somehow got on the topic of marriage, and reiterated what we'd already decided previously: Paul and I were each other's back-up plan. If we weren't both married by the time Paul turned 30, then we would marry each other. Paul commented: "well, that's only in a year..." and I scoffed and said "what, you wouldn't marry me in a year?! That's rude." Jessica chimed in that it would be MOST convenient for them (her, Davey, Andy and Jen) if we would just date, so they wouldn't have to meet/like/accept two new people into our very close group of friends, and then everything got weird.

Insert awkward pause, avoided eye contact and complete and total reconsideration of who I was, who I'd become and what I wanted for my future, here. And all of this was happening in front of a plate of combination Happy Hour nachos at an otherwise empty restaurant on South Hill.

I was wearing Victorian Rose lipstick and dark brown character shadow, so I bet I didn't look nearly as flushed as I felt. One glance at Paul told me that he was having the same internal freak out, too. WHAT WAS HAPPENING?

A long, long night of talking between Paul and I was to follow... and the next day, we were dating.

Anyway. Every year, on the 18th (or as close to that date as possible: that second weekend of Scrooge, after the Thursday night performance), we've made it a point to go to the Ram to celebrate "our day" together.

Last night, Paul mentioned that our night was coming up, and as I curled another section of my hair, I laughed: "Oh my gosh, yes! What night was that again? The day before my sister's birthday, right? The 18th..."

Another awkward silence.

December 18th, 2009 is the day our lives changed forever, and December 18th, 2012 is the day our lives are set to change forever, again. It's our son's due date.

I cannot believe, over the past 10 months - I haven't realized the significance of his estimated due date. In all the excitement and panic and nerves and painting and baby showering and Googling and freaking out about labor... it never dawned on me that he was DUE on the very day - three years later - that Paul and I decided that to become "Paul and Corianne".

I can't believe the significance of this passed me by... me, of all people. I'm the person that celebrates silly dating anniversaries, and remembers what I wore to my sixth grade graduation. And somehow, when the doctor told us that our little boy was scheduled to arrive on December 18th, the importance of that day went unnoticed. But, we WILL be celebrating this year.

Pending labor and delivery, of course. My days are not my own anymore, already.

I may just have an order of combination Happy Hour nachos delivered to my hospital room as we get acquainted with the newest in a long line of extremely undeserved and exceptionally precious blessings in our lives as "Paul and Corianne".

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