A Beautiful Inconvenience

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sitting here in the church tonight on Sunday, December 9th 2012. Listening to Scrooge thinking back to the last couple of weeks. I've gotten very little sleep, I've worked my butt off (one in which I didn't have in the first place), I've drank too much coffee, eaten too much sugar and to top it all off, haven't seen your mom in what feels like an eternity. Well, I mean I've seen her... but its been in the dazed stupor of pure and utter exhaustion. (This is not a rant or me complaining... KEEP READING)

I hope that when you're old enough you will know full well the exhaustion that I'm talking about... because that means you will quite possibly be sitting in the back hallway of the church laughing with your friends while scenes pass by as Scrooge is going on. Who knows, maybe you'll even be reading this. The tired that I'm talking about though is a tired that I almost find myself yearning for. (I promise, you'll understand.)

I've also been thinking a lot about how people over the past few weeks seem to insist on telling me that my "life" is getting ready to change... as if its the worst change that they've ever had to live through. You know, like it has some sort of negative connotation. They tell me, "Paul, you will never be able to do the stuff you used to do." Do I believe that you are going to be a huge change in my life? YES. Do I believe that there is going to be some luxuries that your mother and I won't be able to cash in on as often as we used to? YES.

HOWEVER, I refuse to believe that you are some sort of inconvenience. To say that you are a gift is an understatement. If you are an inconvenience, then you are the best one I've ever had. I just don't understand why people have such a hard time accepting the fact that I'm genuinely excited about your entrance into this world. I'm excited about the unknowns and the firsts with you and your mom.

Sorry, I got off subject. Back to the church stuff. I'm so proud of the church I attend. I'm honored and consider a massive privilege to be able to serve in the capacity that I do at the church. And if that wasn't enough I'm awakened with excitement every morning when I'm headed out to work AT the CHURCH. You will grow up in the church! As a young infant/baby you will spend long days and nights there. As you continue to grow you will understand more and more that church is just apart of your life. See, as your parent, those are the luxuries that I get to cash in on. Making decisions for your life that will forever shape you into the human being that you will eventually become.

Someday you will see my tattoo and understand why I got it.

Psalm 52:8 - I am like a tree flourishing in the house of God; I will trust in God's unfailing love forever and ever.

You see, just like our house provides you shelter and warmth... the church is the same. It's where you can find comfort, healing, blessing and family. So, am I tired physically? Yes. But its the best kind of tired that you will ever experience.

Cherish that. And one day when it all clicks for you and you are leading and flourishing in the House of God just remember to give me and your mother a nudge and say thanks.

Sidenote: Church is also a great place to find a wife. Believe me, I know...

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