No baby yet?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Your Great Grandma Cohee just called me to ask me if there was any sign of you yet -- they are in town, and wanted to check in to make sure they didn't need to make a hospital stop ;) I let them know nothing yet, feeling pretty good... but didn't feel like you were going to make your appearance today while they were passing through. Haha.

However after I hung up the phone, I sat there motionless. Literally, frozen. I think I was waiting for my water to break at that very moment, because... isn't that just how it would go? Then I would have to CALL BACK your GG Cohee, and tell her "just kidding, here you come!" all while trying to get a hold of your dad and the rest of the family (and grabbing our hospital bags that have been packed but have yet to make it to the car) to let them know it was go time...

I wonder if I'm just going to be thinking of ALL the possible scenarios of your arrival over the next couple weeks.

My bet would be YES.

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  1. No! He has to wait at least 2 more days for his blankie!! :)