Top 10 Reason Why You Should Be Born Today

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

10. Your dad and I started our Christmas shopping last night, go us! This means that we can finish by ordering online. We've also ended the last two nights out (Christmas shopping, and after a four hour meeting with our doula on Monday night) at Stanley & Seaforts for two impromptu date nights. Both nights of which we ended up laughing about past memories, sharing French Dip sliders and talking about how much we wanted you to come join us on our fun adventure (life).

9. We're midweek. This means that we could be home and resting by the weekend. That makes me happy.

8. We'd be recovered by Christmas for sure. This means I could shove you in a stocking, wrapped in Christmas lights under the tree and take some super cute pictures to put on our Christmas cards.

7. CHRISTMAS CARDS! You'd get to be featured, rather than just a bump in my belly. That would be great.

6. 12-12-12 is awesome. Won't happen again for, like, a lot of years. This could be a great icebreaker when you meet new people, or start conversations with pretty girls.

5. I wouldn't be looking at a TV for at least 72+ hours, so I wouldn't have to watch that ridiculous Folgers commercial 56 times a day.

4. I am terrified you are going to weigh 15 lbs when you're born. If you came today, I'm pretty sure we could avoid that.

3. I'm ready to be done with people looking at me and exclaiming "No baby yet??" Uh, no... I've actually had him, but I have this watermelon under my shirt to throw people off. And I think I left him at home, whoops. Must be a "new mom" thing.

2. I've run out of fresh combinations of leggings, oversized cardigans, scarves and boots. And I don't want to buy MORE pregnancy clothes, I'm 95% done!

1. I'm ready to kiss your sweet face, blame everything bad you do on your dad and take credit for all your cute little habits and tendencies.


  1. Trying to figure out what to wear those last few weeks is BRUTAL because you wont buy anything new (whats the point) but you are about to wear out all the things that DO fit still. Just hang on sister, almost there!

  2. Here's a link you can pass around for folks asking after the baby: Almost there!

  3. doula???? are you trying natural? i want to hear more!