God Bless Chiropractic

Thursday, January 10, 2013


You have been so fussy for the past two or three days. I was worried you were colicky, or didn't like something I was eating. I've been scared to even eat; eliminating my favorite foods one by one. Last night, I even gave you a drop of peppermint in some warm water to see if I could calm your tummy that way.

Well, you didn't like that. I thought you were going to projectile vomit all over your nursery, from the look on your face. You shook your head "no" and gagged for a few seconds. Haha... you're a bit of a drama king, like Daddy (he swears he's allergic to coconut; he's not. He just doesn't like the taste. Don't ever let him make you feel guilty for bringing coconut around. Sometimes people just need an Almond Joy.)

But, you went to the chiropractor today with Auntie Abbie and got an adjustment... and you've been sleeping soundly ever since! You wake up to eat, and during those times of consciousness, you are hanging out peacefully. You even had some tummy-time and didn't get upset at all. Dr. Mike wants you to spend some time on your tummy every day, looking to the left, to strengthen those muscles... they're a little weaker on one side, he says. Your atlas was completely out, which is probably why you've been so upset the past couple of days... and Abbie said you LOVED your adjustment, too. That's the Burton in you :)

Sidenote: Abbie is Supermom. She took you and your cousin Amelia to the chiropractor... BY HERSELF. I am amazed... I can't even handle you and Lennon at the same time, sometimes. Someday, I'm sure I will be prepared for two kids, but right now... I have sincere admiration for people that run errands with not one - but TWO - kiddos! Wow, wow, wow.

Anyway, I LOVE CHIROPRACTIC. I'm a believer. Now, I just need to get MYSELF in for an adjustment.

Ha. Yeah, right. A shower would be a nice start right now ;)


  1. Renaissance Chiropractic is the best! I love Dr. Mike!!

  2. Yes yes yes! We went yesterday and robin slept for nine and half freaking hours! After each visit is always noticeably more stable and comfortable too. Love it!

    I have a post coming next week about our experience ;)

  3. Jeanette, my Mom-in-Law has been the office manager there forever... like 20+ years I think! They are amazing... we took Porter on the way home from the hospital, too. I married into a chiropractic family for sure, they all go regularly and I need to start! Haha

  4. YAY Chiro! I seriously can't believe how comfortable Porter looks right now... makes my heart happy!

  5. Really?? My uncle was a chiropractor there and my cousin used to worked there as well...Doug and Erin Bergman. I have gone in those doors practically crawling and I came out a new woman!