Parenting 101

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

- Zippered pajamas are amazing. The button-ups are oh-so-cute, but when diaper changes are happening every three minutes, they are oh-so-impractical.

- Buy two of several things: nursing pads, lanolin, prenatal vitamins,  etc. I took back duplicates of these things, and all I can think about when I am feeding my baby in the living room is how awesome it would have been to have an extra set of these things to keep in here, because I don't feed Porter in the nursery all the live-long day.

- Things I underestimated: nursing bras. I was the girl that rolled my eyes and thought: "pshh, I'll just get a fancy strapless and BAM... nursing bra." No. You want an actual nursing bra. TRUST ME. They are designed to make your life easier; accept it. And then go buy it.

- The Travel Bassinet has saved our life! We take it everywhere around the house, so when Porter looks like he's about to doze off, we put him in there with his favorite blanket and BAM... insta-bed.

- When people joke about all your newborn doing is eating and pooping... they're not exaggerating. That is ALL PORTER DOES... eat, sleep, poop. Sometimes at the same time. He's very talented. Do a diaper raffle at your baby shower! We're on our second package of newborn diapers, and we're so blessed to have a great stockpile waiting in storage.

What were some of your must-haves/rude awakenings during your first couple weeks with your newborn?

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  1. sleep sheep, super soft onsies + cotton pants and a swaddle wrap. i lucked out this baby and only needed lanolin for a day and was pissed i spent big $$ on some organic crap lol ;)

    oh, and pretzel m&m's - that was my nursing craving. it was a lot like crack to me.