Porter: Your Second Week

Monday, January 7, 2013


Your second week is all done, but I'm a little late on blogging. You're doing so amazing! You've only given us one (ok, maybe two) sleepless nights... but I can't be mad. You just want to cuddle, and it's the sweetest thing.

I am still loving the little noises you make. When you nurse, when you're trying to fall asleep, when you're waking up... the little sighs and grunts and oohs/awws are just the sweetest.

You love when we pat your butt -- it puts you to sleep every time! You may roll your eyes at this someday, but it's true. Try it with your kids... it must be something with the repetition that is hypnotizing.

You have the BEST scowls ever. I think you get that from me, I tend to be quite expressive.

You love music. You even love when I sing! The other day, I started singing Kari Jobe's "You Are For Me" when you got fussy (because it was the first song that came to mind and I didn't know what else to do besides try to feed you, AGAIN) and you placed your hand under you chin and zoned out... staring at me/where the voice was coming from. It made me cry! I love that you know my voice. It's pretty amazing.

You are so strong. You pick up your head/neck ALL the time, and it sorta freaks me out.

You only like your Mam pacis, which is funny... they say most babies favor a certain kind of pacifier, and you definitely do! The other ones are too big/bulky, I think.

Your belly-button fell off/healed in RECORD time... seriously. I know babies born before you that STILL have not healed yet. I like to think your immune system is TOP NOTCH, and that's why :)

You rarely spit up... have never thrown up. Knock on wood... maybe this is something that starts later in life, but I feel pretty lucky that I haven't been drenched with regurgitated breast-milk, yet.

You are a champion eater, still. No issues feeding you, whatsoever. I love to pump some bottles for you, so that your dad can feed you - because it's such a peaceful, quiet time. I feel selfish being the only one that gets to experience it.

I had my two week checkup with our midwife, and we brought you with us... I was feeling especially energetic on this day. I got myself all ready, and was so excited to show you off/find out how I was recovering (I feel great!), but all this appointment was was a five minute convo to make sure I wasn't going to go jump off a bridge or something. I laughed, until I realized that there are definitely mothers that feel that sense of despair after giving birth... I can see how it can happen, hormones are going nuts. I am so thankful to have an amazing support system: your dad is incredible (seriously), our parents/family are beyond supportive, and our friends are always there to cheer me up or tell me that what I'm feeling/going through is justified. It helps so much to have a great support system. I took some extra time to pray for all the single moms/dads out there. They are some of the strongest people I know.

Here are some pictures from your second week. I have to admit, all these days are running together. So some of these could be "technically" from your third week. I don't think you are going to mind. Your sweet face changes so much, every single day! It breaks my heart to even look at your newborn pictures right now... you are growing so fast. Such a handsome boy!


This was our last photo of 2012! Taken Monday, December 31st around 11:30pm :)

Such a sweet face. I can hardly stand it!

Our first photo of 2013! You were out... I passed out with you shortly after this. We slept on the couch for a couple hours.

Sleeping in your travel bassinet - the best gift we got! ;)

Dad is a natural. Cuddling Lennon, feeding you, and finding a movie to watch!


You fell asleep watching a movie -- just like mom :)

You and Lennon hanging out -- Lennon wondering why you won't stop fussing ;)

The boys.

Long and lean! Just like dad :)

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