Porter: Your Eighth Week

Friday, February 22, 2013


Since daddy was still out of town in Texas, you were my Valentine this year! And such a good one you were. We had a little photo shoot, which you loved and then hated. This was after my "six week" checkup with our midwife - which had actually been delayed to eight weeks because of scheduling issues. I was pretty excited about this outfit. I bought you this exact onesie over a month ago, in "Newborn" size. And guess what? You grew. A lot. I was super bummed, but vowed to squeeze you into it for at least your Eight Week photo... and then our friend Arlene announced that she had a gift for you. She dropped it off while I was gone -- the same onesie, in 3 month old size! I was so excited! And, that adorable multi-colored chevron blanket that you're laying on in the first picture. We are so blessed with amazing friends, always bringing you fun gifts or spending time oohing and awwing of you. You are so loved!




Dare I say it: we seem to be getting into a routine with you, and especially you and your crib. I've obsessed about making it the perfect little oasis for you (there's a ridiculous amount of white-noise filled stuffed animals and little vibrating boxes and songmakers in various locations around your room. Something was bound to work), and it seems to be working. You go down for a nap in your crib every time, and you're sleeping solidly at night once we can get you to sleep.

You're discovering your face and your tongue, which is just too adorable. You stick your tongue out, shove your fist in your mouth, rub your eyes when you're sleepy. And now, I think I can actually distinguish between your cries. I'm poopy and I'm tired and I WANNA STAND UP actually do sound very, very different. We're getting better at catering to your every need, before it turns into an ordeal. It's a great feeling. :)

You constantly pull on my shirt or hook your hand in my necklace when you're eating... I can't tell if it's by accident, or if you remember that it's there and look for it when you're laying down, but either way... it's pretty heart-melting. It's like you have to make sure I don't leave you, so you get your little paws on me somehow. Don't worry, I couldn't stand the thought of walking away from you. I'm not going anywhere.

A lot of things you do are heart melting, actually. If life were completely literal, I would be a huge pile of mush, constantly. My favorite thing in the world is when you smile at me. You've been doing it for awhile, but it's getting sweeter and sweeter as the days go by. It's gone from a smile into a full on grin. I can't wait to hear the sound of your laugh. You talk back to me when I talk, and you smile back when I smile, and for now - that's more than enough.

535501_10151457647489938_403269232_nI was getting ready to go, and you were needing a quick nap, so I laid you down in our bed when you fell asleep in my arms. We were getting ready to go help Auntie Jen register at Babies R Us, so I figured a quick nap would be perfect so you would behave yourself as we wandered the aisles for hours. I shut the light off and left the bedroom for a moment, and when I came back in - tiptoeing, to stay quiet - I was surprised to find you wide awake and staring off  into the darkness, completely calm and quiet. I flipped the light on and asked you what in the world you were doing... and this was the face I got. I KNOW.

560102_10151455731134938_1387998221_nA lot of our photo shoots take place on your changing table, because you love it. ^^ I'm not kidding. You adore diaper changes. You smile and kick your legs and watch me intently as I go about the process. It makes it much, much happier for me too. Not that it's a pain, but it just happens REALLY often. And since you hate being wet/dirty, if you also hated being changed... oh, Lord help me. That would be quite the task.


  1. It's funny you should mention how much your little mister loves diaper changes. Jaxon does the exact same thing, no matter where we are changing him though. Obviously diaper changes are quite the funny business. Haha, it's hilarious because that's also his favorite "talk time." Silly boys!

    I also attempted to squeeze Jaxon in one last NB outfit this week, my mom was not pleased with me, in my final plea to keep him newborn. It was a fail. Oh well!

  2. Yes! "Talk time" during diaper changes ALL the time! I love it so much :)