Porter: Your Fifth Week

Friday, February 1, 2013


Here's another perfect peek at your little smile. It's the best! This is the same shirt you wore on New Years Eve, too - and you fill it out completely now. You're getting so big... especially those cheeks. Oh my gosh, they're my favorite thing.

You got dedicated this Sunday, which was amazing. The family was there to love and support the three of us... it was a great day! That night, we also celebrated the Burton/Buck family birthdays - your daddy, your Opa, and your Uncle Martin! We didn't get a chance to celebrate Opa and Martin because I was down to the wire on your arrival. But, we had a great night of homemade French Dips and chocolate cake. Like a total fool, I forgot to let everyone know about your dedication. Haha - even Grammy and Opa! I just assumed everyone knew. Blame it on my mommy brain, or lack of sleep... luckily, your church family is HUGE, so you had lots of love and attention on that special day.

You love to hold your head up and gaze at the pictures behind the rocking chair in your nursery, or the pictures above the couch upstairs... I don't know what you're looking at, besides maybe the shadows, but the other night - during a 4am nursing - I freaked myself out thinking you were seeing angels. This is why I need sleep.

You're smiling more and more, and your little noises are still my favorite. Especially when you're trying so hard not to cry when you have your paci in your mouth.

419679_10151391242649938_1761141284_nDedication day!

156359_10151391242359938_602235504_n (1)When your cheeks rest on your chest... it's a good thing.

598851_10151391242384938_2111585130_n (1)Camo and mixing prints... total Paul move.

398071_10151391243074938_964169634_nI'm understanding more and more about "sleep when they sleep"

197589_10151391243174938_56413828_nYou look like daddy here!

734447_10151391243054938_513160839_nThe best snuggles!

550224_10151391243019938_1104656031_nJust relaxing... what you do best.

400172_10151391242914938_1503532688_nWatching TV with cousin Ri!

230436_10151391242884938_387448645_nI'm not sure WHAT was going on here.

269331_10151391242824938_2139969849_n...and Amelia isn't sure either.

549953_10151391242684938_2143609033_nSuch a stud on Dedication Day!

397414_10151391242709938_1845719170_nSuper casual in your workout attire :)

307802_10151391242509938_1668945327_nYou run this ship... yes, yes you do.

205753_10151391242324938_1212304656_nGuess who is moving out of newborn clothes?

603147_10151391242419938_1719559918_nCar ride with cousin Aliviah! She loves "her baby Porter".

226143_10151391242254938_1142222085_nHello, handsome!

537306_10151391242044938_1027346952_nI took this picture for a "What are you doing right now" Instagram post. You really, really wanted you diaper changed and did not love that I was pausing for a picture.

601106_10151391242159938_1380226229_nOh, love your face.

549945_10151391242089938_94851912_nNapping on the couch!

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