Porter: Your Seventh Week

Thursday, February 14, 2013

We started out your seventh week at church for Mesh Conference. The first night of conference you stayed home, but the second night, I brought you along. Man, it's hard to get out of the house by myself. It's a lot of work to get both you and myself ready for the night... I've gotten to be a pro at the five-minute-makeup routine, though! And that carseat is so heavy! Little things like that make me so grateful for a husband who never lets me carry the carseat... and I have even more respect for the women who do this thing called motherhood on their own, either because they're single mommies or because their hubby's are in the military. It's not an easy task, motherhood. But, as cliche as it sounds, I must agree: it's the most fulfilling thing in the world.

Thought I would share a few photos from that photobooth there. Obviously, we love picture time. You're still learning. Every time I whip out my phone for a photo, I swear, you get annoyed.

307919_10151443243724938_1594574755_n 13165_10151443243789938_1804087780_n
Cousin Amelia LOVES you. She get's so excited when she gets up from her nap and can see "Baby Coco!" She sees me, and screams "Babyyyyy!!?". She see's Dad, and scream "Babyyyy!!?". She sees Lennon, and screams "Babyyyy!!?" And when she finally finds you, she runs over and makes sure you have your "Ba-ba" (your pacifier) in your mouth. If you've spit it out, she panics and tries to shove it back in. She's the Paci Police for sure.

Daddy went out of town this week for C3 Conference, in Texas. And, I also came down with a cold. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little nervous. The first night we were alone, I kept waking you up with my coughing and sneezing. You were not a happy camper, and neither was I come morning time.

Luckily, we have a ton of support, and boy - are you loved. Abbie and Grammy watched you for two nights in a row so I could get some sleep. My cold went away so so quickly, but you didn't sleep so well those two nights. Oopsie, huh? :)

You are so much fun to hang out with. You make adorable noises, you love to stare up at the ceiling, or at shadows on the wall. You love to be held, and recently, you've started falling asleep by shoving your nose down into the nook of my arm/elbow. I don't know if it's so you can feel my skin, or smell me as you drift off to sleep, but either way... it's absolutely the best thing that happens to me all day.

You still love diaper changes, and you're starting to not hate your baths, which is a huge bonus. You're realizing the warm water really feels awesome. You kick off you covers when you sleep (like me), and I can't remember if I've mentioned this yet - but you love sleeping on your tummy. I panicked at first, because the "SIDS SIDS SIDS SIDS" alarm bells went off... but, here's the thing. It's a precautionary warning, and considered "recommended" to put babies down on their backs, sure. But... it'd be way more likely that you could choke on your spit-up while laying on your back than bury your head in loose blankets that don't exist in your crib, because we are freaks about making sure that you are safe. Parents do what they feel is best, and every baby is different. Regardless of what "the doctors" or "the statistics" say, if I'm taking every single measure to make sure that you're safe, it's the best I can do. I'm ok with it :)

Plus, you're stronger than an ox - you hold you head up and look around left and right all day. Your head isn't getting buried anywhere, you little animal.

6727_10151443234949938_1023859778_n (1)
Just watching some TV :)

65952_10151443234904938_2115246199_n (1)
Oh man, you are getting nice and chunky... just like you should be! Breastfeeding is awesome.

60783_10151443234794938_656248080_n (1)
That sweet smile.

182673_10151443234319938_62822809_n (1)
Church shenanigans. Tyson getting you ready to serve... see, technically, you can say you've been serving since before you could walk. This will make a great message someday ;)

529708_10151443234434938_158749652_n (1)
More serving

149982_10151443234484938_275281475_n (1)
Sleeping like an angel!

382300_10151443234159938_1829528871_n (1)
Mommy and daddy went shopping.

600699_10151443234374938_1230815931_n (1)
You're such a trooper!

66170_10151443234049938_1186470143_n (1)
So peaceful, always. I love to watch you sleep.

You have dad's lips, but my expressions for sure.

Mean-muggin' those dumb carseat toys.

Hanging with Riley.

We sent Daddy this picture, saying goodnight, when we was in Texas. He was so miserable being away from us. Had a great time at the conference, but thought it was going to be a lot easier to be away for a few days!

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