Porter: Your Sixth Week

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This is a hard post for me to write. Mainly, because you're six weeks old and oh my gosh, where did my baby go! I feel like just yesterday, I was wondering if you'd have hair or not. The other reason this was hard, is because on the eve of your sixth week, we had the most horrendous night ever. You were inconsolable. You were crying (and by crying, I mean screaming), you were completely and totally inconsolable starting right around midnight. We've had other nights similar to this, but nothing this bad. I was convinced you were in horrible pain, or had decided that you hated us. You wouldn't nurse, you didn't want to be walked, or rocked... nothing. It was miserable. You cried, I cried, I think your dad even cried.

The next day, I was running on about an hour of sleep and was totally miserable. I reached out to this awesome "support group" I belong to on Facebook (Natural Mothers of South Sound) and asked WHAT IN THE WORLD DO I DO for a baby that won't stop screaming. I figured they had to have some tried-and-true tricks up their sleeve; I did everything that made sense. Massaged your little belly, did bicycle legs (assuming you were colicky), bounced you, skin-to-skin... nothing was giving us any relief.

Until... someone mentioned the major growth spurts at 3 weeks, and 6 weeks and the stars aligned and all of a sudden life made sense again. So, your six week pic (above) with your SUPER GRUMPY face is just a tribute to that incredibly exhausting and awful night we survived together.

We haven't had a TRUE night like that again. Although the other night, you were so over-stimulated from a long day out and about with mommy and daddy (we're social, kid, you gotta learn how to hang with the church crowd!) that you screamed and screamed and fought sleep like a wild child until you were sweating profusely. Haha... eventually you gave in and slept soundly.

So, anyway, yeah - this post could be entirely about sleep deprivation. You are a fantastic daytime napper, though! Holy moly... you sleep solid. I've tried keeping you awake more during the day, but you're not having it. You love your daytime naps.

I also found another thing you hate: the snot snucker. That evil, bulbous piece of death rubber. I swear, I think about using that thing, and you start wailing. I just hate hearing you all "milk congested". I really wish everything would just hurry and develop fully so you didn't sound so miserable. I think it ticks you off, too.

BEYOND ALL OF THIS... you are a gem. You're smiling more, and there's nothing you love more than cuddles with mom. I think Dad gets jealous, but I had to remind him: boys love their mommies. You will idolize your dad, but there's something so comforting about your mom. I think it's God's way of bringing a woman into motherhood, honestly... every time I get sad or frustrated thinking I'm not doing a good job, you look at me in a way that ONLY you can and I remember my entire purpose for being on this planet. You.

405600_10151425933254938_311586669_nDaytime naps, for the win.

560158_10151443174999938_1060814693_nThose eyes and lips... so perfect!

45842_10151443175084938_1533069207_nDiaper changes are happy times. You LOVE it!

5501_10151443175029938_240430661_nTalking to mom! You don't say much, but you "ooh" and "ahh" when I do. I love it.

536880_10151443175284938_543805733_nGreat Grandpa Cohee will be so proud of your Huskies gear!

382348_10151443175139938_866687357_nYou love sleeping in your swing!

299337_10151425933169938_1799942428_nPorter is not impressed.

483493_10151425932969938_2046549881_nAnother daytime nap, like a champ

395641_10151425932934938_1465378698_nSo serious.

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