Porter: Your Eleventh Week

Friday, March 15, 2013

426401_10151499680539938_229683299_nYou are all smiles this week, and when you're not, you're really, really annoyed or angry at something. Haha - extreme emotions to the max! Earlier this week, I was feeding you and an alarm on my iPhone went off. You jolted out of a peaceful, nursing trance to glare at me AND my phone as I scrambled to silence the obnoxious tone. It was pretty funny! Feeding you is still one of my favorite things. I actually cried this week when I was watching you eat, because I literally can't wrap my mind around how much I love you. It's so intense.

OH. You hate car rides. (When I said intense, it reminded me of your intense DISDAIN for being in your carseat.) The other day, I had to get into the backseat with you and hold your hand to get you to stop shrieking. You finally calmed down, but you had a death grip on my finger and you needed to look me right in the eyes. You even "Oooh, oooooh"'d at me and I cried then, too. It's overwhelming, how much providing for you has fulfilled me.


You love your Sophie giraffe, and you hug her close to you in your carseat, probably for moral support. I'm not sure what you hate so much about the carseat, but it's pretty awful. You fall asleep sometimes, so that's a nice alternative to suffering through your screams. ;)








Our little hipster baby... we love you.166712_10151499681824938_2029042713_n

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