Porter: Your Tenth Week

Friday, March 8, 2013


Hi little man!

This week, you've started to rub your eyes when you get tired, which is the sweetest thing. You've also started chewing on your hands (and your daddy's hands) all the time. Drool EVERYWHERE. You're seriously obsessed with all things "hands" this week.

You're sleeping through the night like a pro, with several naps through the day. I literally Googled "how much should a ten week old baby sleep", because I was worried something was wrong with you... but alas! You're just a great sleeper. No weird sickness or anything, you're healthy as can be. Score for mommy and daddy!

One time this week, I walked in the check on you - like most obsessed, overly-anxious mommies do several times during a nap - and you were wide awake, with your chin on your hands, staring straight ahead in your crib at the light on your little lullaby noisemaker that we turn on while you sleep. You were so content, I wonder how long you would have stayed like that had I not went in there to check on you.

Loves: still love talking back to us (lots of squeals and "oooooh"s), tummy time, diaper changes (you seriously give us the BIGGEST smiles during diaper changes), when we say "hi" in really chipper, annoyingly perky voices, and your cousins Amelia, Noah, Riley and Aliviah... you stare at them with huge, unblinking eyes and break into smiles when they talk to you.


Amelia calls you "Baby Coco" or "Coco Baby" (I am "Coco", by the way) and always makes sure you have your "ba-ba" (pacifier) in your mouth when she is around. It's so cute. If she hears you cry, she gets very concerned and announces to us "Baby cyyyy? Baby cyyyy?" (like she's saying cry, but with no "r"). We always talk about how excited we are to watch you guys grow up, and how insanely cute you will be together. Amelia is probably going to get you into trouble, just FYI. You may be her guinea pig for a lot of years... she's a little firecracker! Make sure you take care of her, even if she calls you boring and tells you to "live a little". Keep her in line, don't let her talk you into anything too dangerous ;) You're the man and she's only a little bit older than you... so you still need to protect her and stand up for her and pray for and with her - just like I'm sure Noah and Riley and Aliviah do for you guys. Family is the most important, always.

You are such a joy, all the time.

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