Porter: Your Twelfth Week

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Oh, hi there. Just hanging out, twelve weeks old. As showcased aboved, you are busting out of three month clothing. Our little chub!

This week, you found your tongue. I've seen you chewing on it, sticking it out, feeling your gums. Along with 3 month clothing, I'm sure you're also growing out of newborn pacis, too. They just seem too small for your face, and you like to really go to down on those things. I think you need something a little bit bigger.

And if I'm being honest, judging by your blowouts, you may be exiting the size 1 diapers, too.

You're drooling like crazy. LIKE. CRAZY. It's like a faucet of water.

On a good note, you're hating the carseat just a little bit less. However, that could be because we no longer "banish" you to it; when we're out and about, you love to be "worn". We stick you in the front pack and let you see what's going on out there in that big ol' world. You love facing out, so you can look around. It's pretty funny to see your face. You think you're pretty much the best thing ever.

You almost fit your hats, and daddy is super excited.

You have SO MUCH PERSONALITY. I love watching you break into a smile... like one of the pictures below. We were up in Bellevue for church, and since we had to leave the house so early, I thought it would be good if we just fed you once we got up there. Well, you woke up, saw me getting the bottle out of the diaper bag, and FREAKED OUT. A mini, one-man celebration.

You are also in love with your jumparoo. You start bouncing around, shifting your weight from leg to leg. I think you like the noise it makes, to be honest. You're all about the audio.

These weeks fly by. I would be ok with time slowing down just a little.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.04.56 PM

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.06.02 PM








The below photos are some of my favorites; we went to the mall one evening to start Easter-outfit shopping. You were so cute and cuddley with your sweet monkey, just begging us with your eyes to go home. Secretly, though, you love it. You love being out and about. You just hate being confined to the stroller.



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