You Are For Me

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weeks ago, when you were just a few weeks old and extremely fussy, I started singing "You Are For Me" to you (badly). I was still emotional from labor and delivery, and so I would sort of half-sing and half-cry quietly as I tried to calm you down. I felt like it was sort of a reassurance; I was singing to you and partially pleading to God :)

So, obviously, I'm much more stable - fourteen weeks post birth. I'm recovered, you're healthy, I'm healthy... life is good. You're a champion sleeper, so I rarely ever need to resort to other tactics (beside rocking you) to get you to sleep.

Tonight, you were so feisty. I could tell you were tired, but you couldn't got comfortable when I rocked you. So, I turned on Kari Jobe, singing "You Are For Me".

You immediately stopped crying. You didn't make another peep; I rocked, and you stared, unblinking. I stared back. We both listened to the words. And then you closed your eyes and peacefully drifted to sleep. It was haunting. I literally watched the music wash over you, and you were peaceful at once.

You're a music man, just like your daddy. You love music. You harmonize with our "oohs" and you sing to yourself. I'm convinced. You haven't really tried to talk - just sing.

If you're destined for musical greatness, someday I can write this same thing in your memoir.

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