Porter: Your Fourteenth Week

Thursday, April 4, 2013


This week, you've discovered your hand. The first time was pretty funny. You were waving them around, caught the motion out of the corner of your eye... and then you were entranced.

You can officially hold your head up in your bouncer, and so it's much more fun for you now. You squeal and make cute little noises, and get so excited that you physically seem to bubble over as you hop around, or from side to side. It's like you can't contain your excitement.

We had an amazing Easter, including shopping at the mall on Friday night, in preparation for the weekend. I hadn't thought about what to put you in, until I found this cute little nautical blazer and linen pants at Target. And then I knew that it was meant to be your first Easter outfit.

Oh, Auntie Maggie and I also took you and Amelia to see the Easter Bunny. Funniest day. You were too young to know any better; please don't hate me for subjecting you to such torture, haha. Amelia, however? Not a fan. She was so mad at us.


Family Photo from Easter Sunday:

292286_10151535200884938_832116675_n (1)

Here are some more snapshots from your fourteenth week!

We went on a walk, which you loved: you passed out before we even hit the road. Haha.540123_10151547868329938_1026001508_n

You in the morning, below. My absolute favorite. Those Burton brows are so expressive!15997_10151547865519938_1503276238_n

Easter Sunday with cousin Aliviah!306091_10151547863694938_926411558_n

And Riley, Noah & Amelia

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  1. I can't wait to get back and meet him! He's so stinkin' handsome!