Porter: Your Seventeenth Week

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

387351_10151571856244938_1635548345_n Hi there! Seventeen weeks.

This has been an exceptionally fun week with you. You've been so, so sweet - sleeping and smiling like crazy. Both of those things warm a mother's heart, let me just tell you.

Great grandma and grandpa Cohee were in town from Sequim, so we drove over to see them on Saturday morning. You loved hanging out with Grandma; I swear, grandmas just have an overwhelming air of calm and comfort, because you relaxed right into her arms and were content just to hang out with her while we talked.

I got my hair done this past week, which was much needed. Now that you're 19 weeks, I'm starting to experience the super glamorous post partum hair loss everyone warned me about, which I was sure I'd avoided. Nope. No such luck. We're constantly picking long strands of my dark hair (sob!) from you, your crib, the rocking chair, your toys. So, yeah. Very sorry about that. It's really annoying.

The pictures for this week melt me; your big cheesy smile as we picked our steaks to BBQ at Andy and Jen's one sunny Wednesday, you falling asleep on my shoulder as we had dinner at Sparks on another warm and sunny weekday evening, hanging out with Dad at the salon while I got my hair done. You're a serious joy.

We got your giggle on camera, too. Well, we got it on audio. It was dark in the living room, around midnight. We'd just gotten home from Davey and Jessica's house, and you were so tired that you were delirious. So, to wear you down so I could put you to bed, I thought I would try to make you laugh.

It worked. You have the best laugh, and I can't wait until I know exactly what to do to get that giggle out. If I work really hard, I can get it out of you most of the time... but it's hit and miss. Embarrassingly enough, it's amazing to discover the lengths that parents will go make their kids laugh. And it's on video. I really didn't think that one through, did I?

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Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 12.40.02 PM

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