Porter: Your Nineteenth Week

Thursday, May 9, 2013



We've had some exceptionally nice weather lately. You got to play out in the sun with me and you got your first experience with SPF 80, or whatever the baby coverage is. I was super paranoid about burning your skin, so I pretty much let you play for a minute and then hid you in the shade under a beanie and a blanket. Haha.

We had some pictures taken for Mother's Day by our friend Arlene, and it was so fun - although you were not a fan. You were ready for a nap, and wouldn't look at the camera for anything. All the good shots we got were accidents. :) But it was fun to spend a few hours outside with you, Arlene, and Maggie, Amelia & Riley!

You are definitely teething, and I feel so bad for you! You cry a lot more than normal, and are as cuddley as ever. There's rarely a moment when you don't have you hand shoved into your mouth.

You held your bottle in church the other day, which was so cute. Jessica got a good picture of it, but I have to find it in my text messages somewhere. Speaking of church: you're almost getting too old for me to smuggle into big service. You make noises and decide to yell out at all the wrong times. Ministry invitation, praying over offering. But, yet, during worship you're quiet as can be.

OH, and then there's that moment where YOU HELD UP YOUR ARMS FOR ME TO PICK YOU UP. I know. I wrote an entire post dedicated to this moment, so  I won't elaborate much more on this. Best mommy moment ever, ever.

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